18 Bra Types Every Girl Must Know

1 min readHow many times have you avoided wearing a certain outfit – simply because you didn’t have a bra to match? Or rather didn’t know what’s the right bra to wear underneath! We break down all the known bra types to help you find the right bra – fit for any outfit or occasion!

1 min read

How many times have you avoided wearing a certain outfit – simply because you didn’t have a bra to match? Or rather, didn’t know what’s the right bra to wear underneath! It’s true, we women often find ourselves in a dilemma when it comes to making smart lingerie choices. So, we’ve decided to break down all the known bra types to help you find the right one – fit for any outfit or occasion!
#1 Push Up Bra
Push-up bras do exactly as they say – they gently push your breasts upwards and move them close together to give you sexy cleavage. They are padded on the under-side of the cups with either silicone gel or foam to lift up the breast tissue, and come in 3 different levels of push up – gentle, moderate and explosive!
#2 Padded Bra
This is one style every woman should own! The padded cups of the bra prevent nipple show under T-shirts and fitted outfits. It can be underwired for added support or wire-free for all-day comfort. What’s more, the padded bra has different necklines and coverages for different sized breasts. So, choose wisely to find the style that’s best suited for your girls!
#3 T-shirt Bra
The ultimate style staple of your lingerie drawer, T-shirt bras are padded bras designed for everyday comfort. Designed to go invisible under body-hugging outfits, this bra has seamless smooth cups for no-show and gentle support and comes in a variety of styles, from strapless to plunge. Note: All T-shirt bras must be padded, but not all padded bras are seamless and meant for T-shirts!
#4 Convertible Bra
One-strap, two-strap, strapless or cross-back – the convertible bra has a wealth of styles to pick from. It comes with detachable straps that can be re-arranged in multiple ways by hooking them onto different slots at the front or the back. Now you can have 1 bra for a wide variety of outfits!
#5 Strapless Bra
Yes, it comes without straps; And no, it won’t fall off. Perfect for shoulder-baring outfits, the two cups of the strapless bra are held in place by a strong, wired underband. Since all the support comes from this band, it is important to wear the right fit – if it’s too tight, you’ll be uncomfortable and if it’s loose it’ll keep slipping off!
#6 Balconette Bra
A balconette bra is a very delicate lingerie style that gives a gentle lift and a rounded appearance to the bust. With wide set straps and cups that form an almost horizontal neckline (quite similar in appearance to a balcony!) this bra can stay hidden under the widest of necks.
#7 Bandeau Bra
A cross between a strapless bra and a tube top, the bandeau is simply a band or a strip of stretchable fabric that can be pulled onto the bust over the head. It has no straps, no cups and no fastenings. The bandeau is more of a casual bra to wear at-home or to sleep in as it provides minimum support but maximum comfort!
#8 Bralette
A bralette is a no-fuss bra! Usually unlined, unpadded and wire-free, bralettes can be styled as both underwear and outerwear. Though essentially considered to be a bra, they are designed with minimal construction and can be slipped on easily. Show off those peeking lace edges under loose fit tops and low necklines!
#9 Sports Bra
Sturdier than everyday bras, sports bras are designed to provide support to the breasts during workouts. Engineered to prevent bounce and hold the bust firm during strenuous movement, these bras are a must-have for every woman who exercises. Slip them on with ease and exercise as long as you please!
#10 Plunge Bra
A plunge bra is designed to show off a sexy cleavage under deep neck outfits. With a deep centre gore and cups that cut away on the sides, they easily mould to the shape of the breast. This bra vanishes under low necklines, while giving a fuller appearance to the bust and cleavage.
#11 Stick-On Bra
Stick on bras are perfect for backless and sheer back outfits. Designed with a gentle adhesive substance along the cups and wings, these bras glue seamlessly onto your curves. There are also silicone-cup bras that come without side wings and work as an efficient alternative.
#12 Mastectomy Bra
Mastectomy bras are designed for women who’ve undergone a mastectomy without breast reconstruction. They are thoughtfully designed with silicone prosthesis pockets in each cup and feather-soft fabric that has an anti-microbial finish, making them a comfortable as well as practical option
#13 Maternity Bra
Specially designed to give extra comfort and support during pregnancy, maternity bras have moulded cups in elastane fabric to accommodate changing breast shape and size. Some bras also feature thoughtfully crafted cups with easily removable flaps that can be unhooked to allow comfortable breast-feeding post pregnancy – these are called nursing bras.
#14 Minimizer Bra
A minimizer bra is a boon for women who want to reduce the appearance of large bust size under fitted dresses. These bras are engineered to visually reduce the projection and circumference of the chest, by redistributing breast tissue to create the appearance of a smaller bust. They also provide the added benefit of extra support and shaping for a proportionate look.
#15 No Sag Bra
Sagging breasts are a reality for a lot of women. A no-sag bra can help alleviate your troubles! Designed with high-strength, no-stretch fabric, this bra is highly functional and holds the breast tissue firmly in place. The reinforced frame, wide back and thick straps work together to give a youthful lift and prevent sagging.
#16 Cami Bra
With the coverage of a camisole and the support of a bra, this bra is the perfect combination of style and functionality. The cami bra features high necklines and full cups to conceal cleavage under deep neck outfits. Some styles are underwired and padded to give a gently rounded lift while others feature detachable straps for multiway styling.
#17 Longline Bra
Both stylish and functional, the longline bra provides extended coverage from below the bust to a few inches above the belly button. With an extra wide band that helps in slimming and giving a sleek and sexy look, this bra is great for layering under everyday outfits.
#18 Cage Bra
The cage bra is a stylised padded bra with multi-strap designer backs and necklines, that are meant to be showed off! Perfect for low cut and sheer back outfits, this bra is a universally loved style that is both sexy and supportive.

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