Lifestyle5 DIY Ways To Set Up A Bird Bath In Your Balcony
Bird baths

Chirp, chirp, tweet! The birdsongs early in the morning make every day sweeter. But while you chill under the fan or the Air Con, our feathered friends only have the shade as shelter from the hot summer sun, from Earth Day to World Environment Day.

The good news is, a bird bath is super simple to make and set up! And it’s step numero uno in making friends with your favourite fluffy feathered flock. So for June 5, Environment Day, here are 5 easy ways you can set up a bird bath right on your balcony for the summer!

Reduce. Reuse. Recycle.

The first way you can set up a birdbath is to use what you already have! Rummage around the house for whatever you think could work. The one above is a repurposed fountain you can get from most fancy stores. But any odd display piece can also do the trick!

Things to keep in mind – The chosen bird bath should be stable with no risky wobbling. The space you’re using for the water should also be pretty shallow, as most birds are scared of waters that run deep.

The Upside Down Planter

This bird bath is easy to do and pretty self-explanatory! And you should have all that you need, right at home if you’re into gardening. If you’re not, just drop by the nearby nursery. And when your arms are full of all the plants you just had to have, don’t forget to pick this up too.

Things to keep in mind – Get a plate that’s not too smooth, rough surfaces provide a better grip for the birds. A large rock that rises above the surface of the water will also make a good perching spot.

The Hanging Bird Bath

This one’s a favourite because there are so many ways to do it! You must have seen hanging pots for plants on balconies. This is just the same but as a bird bath. Repurpose your old plates, shallow bowls, or even any appropriate lids you wouldn’t mind using. You can tie it up with knots and a thick rope if you don’t want to use chains. The only thing you’ll need is a hook!

Things to keep in mind – Make sure there will be no falling leaves or debris in it when choosing the right placement. A container with gentle sloping towards the centre is preferred so it isn’t suddenly too deep for the smaller fluffs.

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The ‘Ol Brick Em Up

When in doubt, stack the brick in your favour. Found everywhere and easy to get your hands on, bricks are one of the best options. You don’t even have to add cement, just make a basic shape and add your plate on top. The one in the picture has a stone slab on top as a final touch with a cottage core rustic look.

Things to keep in mind – Make sure you clean the container regularly and not just change the water. This is to prevent harmful bacteria from moving from bird to bird. You can use a terracotta plate to complete the aesthetic.

Tomato Cage Bird Bath

You can’t make a DIY bird bath list without mentioning this classic! It’s a truth universally acknowledged that a garden tomato plant that wants to grow, is in want of a support cage. Simply set one up and plop a plate on top, now it’s a bird bath that can blend in with the shrubbery!

Things to keep in mind – This is a great option that can be placed discreetly between plants. Birds are more comfortable when they’re not too exposed for predators to see.

All set to go? Happy Environment Day!

Meghana Chagari