5 Reasons Why We Love Our FITcode!

Getting the right fitting bra has been an age-old problem. Something or the other just doesn’t feel right, does it? Maybe the band is too tight or the straps dig in or your cups leave no room to breathe!

It’s very crucial to understand your size before buying a bra of any kind. If you think the bras you wear now are not comfortable, then you’re probably wearing the wrong size. Head to a Zivame store to get yourself fitted or measure yourself with Zivame’s FITcode. It’s a one-of-a-kind technique that will help you reach not only your perfect bra size but also your panty size.

How to know if a bra fits perfectly


Cups: The cups should sit snug on the breasts, it should not spill out of the bra or from the sides.

Band: The bra band should form a straight line around the body, it shouldn’t be pulled up at the back.

Shoulder straps: The straps should sit comfortably on the shoulder, it shouldn’t dig in or slip-off the shoulder.

How Fitcode helps in finding the right size

  1. Measures both Underbust and Overbust: The size of your bra depends on these two parameters. The underbust size determines your band size while the overbust is instrumental in deciding your cup size.
  2. Takes into account the shape of your breasts: A lot of factors go into calculating the correct cup size. Contrary to popular opinion, your cup size is not a simple subtraction of your overbust and underbust sizes.
  3. One of the biggest factors is the shape of your breasts. Are they well-rounded? Medium rounded or caved in? This will also help you determine the type of bra you’ll need. A no-sag bra works well for caved in breasts while a full coverage bra is best suited for well-rounded breasts.
  4. Specifies the orientation of your breasts: Are they close-set or wide-set? Close-set breasts have a small gap of about lesser than the width of a finger. Wide-set breasts are set further apart. This orientation again becomes super important in figuring out your size. Wide-set breasts of roughly the same measurements may need up to a cup size larger than their close-set counterparts! If the cups of your current bra seem to have a vice-like grip and leave no breathing room, this is probably the area you need to look at!
  5. Keeps in mind your Nipple Position: This aspect is especially important for maternity bras. With this, you can make sure the detachable patch is positioned correctly to avoid any discomfort.
  6. Apart from that, you now have help in deciding what amount of coverage is ideal for you. If the nipple is above the breast fold, your best bet is a full coverage bra. If it’s at the breasts line, a medium coverage bra should work.
  7. Measures your hip size: A lot of times, the size of shapewear has been even more elusive than bra-size. Full-body shape-wear needs both your bust size and hip size for an accurate measurement. By including your hip size into our FITcode, we not only help you determine your panty-size but also the perfect size for your shapewear!

Our FITcode’s algorithm takes into account all these parameters to churn out your perfect bra and panty sizes! Take the quiz now to make sure that wrong size never troubles you!



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