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Bonds Like No Other: Send Them Your Love

Some bonds are hard to put into words. Some can be defined more easily but may be difficult to express. Either way, we got you, girl! This time around, we’re composing postcards for your long-distance support systems. They’ve been there for you, through the good times and bad. It’s time to send them your love and celebrate the emotions behind the bonds we share.

1) The Supportive System


Sometimes life gives you lemons and you may just want a milkshake. What happens when things aren’t all going right? You turn to that person who is your support system. In essence, they keep you anchored and give you the right kind of strength you need to make you feel safe. The sense of protection is unwavering here.

2) The Go-To Advice Guru


To the OG smarty-pants in your life. They’re the first people you think of calling when you have to make big life decisions. They’ve got solutions right up their sleeves! For all the times that they’ve been super dependable, you’ve made headway to the good things in life. They guard all your ventures as if they were their own, and for this, you will always love and cherish them.

3) The Partner-In-Crime


There’s never a dull moment when this person is around. Remember when you both snuck out of the house to go eat ice cream at midnight? Or stayed up watching horror movies and instead laughing at each other’s expressions? Yep, these are those friends who will stay by your side no matter what! They come with tons of fun and giggles and are never going to say no to experimenting with something new!

4) The Big ‘Ol Laughter Machine


This is the person who will literally fight you for the last piece of food.  They’re constantly pulling your leg and making you laugh out loud. This bond is laced with humour and incessant laughter emojis. Now that they’re away, you miss the times when you can meet them to share the gift of joy. Until next time, we’ll have to do with long-distance jokes.

Take a moment to send your love to your special people. Share these little Zivame postcards to let them know how much you love and value them. And hey, you can send it to more than one friend (Talk about killing two birds with a single stone!)

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