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All That You Need To Know About Mastectomy Bras

Breast Cancer is the most common form of cancer that affects women. We often hear stories of the fight that involves the sickness itself but rarely address the changes that come later; the fight is tough, but the journey after is tougher.

A mastectomy involves the surgical removal of either one or both the breasts; it’s a straight forward procedure but the decisions that you need to take for your body in the latter half of your journey may not be as straightforward – decisions involving how to dress your breasts.

Mastectomy Bras are for patients who’ve undergone mastectomy without opting for breast reconstruction. Crafted with silicon prosthesis pockets in each cup, and soft fabric, these bras make no compromise on comfort so that you can start feeling confident and like yourself again as quickly as possible.

A Mastectomy Bra is ideal for a supportive post surgery fit as it is designed with adjustable straps and side pockets to allow the secure addition of prostheses.

How To Insert Breast Prostheses

  1. Flip the bra inside out to reveal the cup pockets
  2. Take the breast prosthesis and place the sharper edge at the pocket opening
  3. Make sure that the prosthesis is completely inside the pocket
  4. Adjust, to place the wider end of the prosthesis at the top of the cup (strap side)
  5. Repeat on the other side, if required.

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