FashionConfessions Of A Curvy Girl: Hush intimate wear affairs

Confessions Of A Curvy Girl: Hush intimate wear affairs

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Every woman has an incredibly intimate relationship with her body. Owing to the fact that each of us has unique frames and shapes, our intimate wear zones may be different. 

While the problems may be unique to an individual, the fact that we’re all dealing with problems remains. So if you’re someone who often comes up with twists, tricks, secrets and hacks that help you get by, then you’re not alone. They may work in the short-term but aren’t sustainable solutions for a comfortable intimate wear experience.

Join us as we take you through the confessions of 3 women who confided in us with some of their DIY hacks. They’ve been brave enough to tell us their stories and kind enough to let us share them with you!

There’s no other way to look at these confessions without a smile and nod because we’ve all been there before, haven’t we? Let’s take a look!

Miss ‘Cleavage-Under-Covers’

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Zivame’s Minimiser Bra is all you need to no longer hide behind drapes! They’re simply crafted to understand fuller bust sizes. It not only gently lifts, but comes with high-coverage cups supported by a broad back, sturdy straps and non-stretch cups. That just means you feel more at ease! You also get the best of comfortable compression that evenly distributes your breast tissues, so you can BREATHE. 

Miss ‘Bursting-Out-Of-Your-Seams’

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In comes the Super Support Bra which is super lightweight and sculpting. Its non-stretch cut and sew cups gently uplift while providing the right support and comfort. Time to say goodbye to spillage! Get Super Support backed by full coverage and broader backs that smoothens out back bulges. They’re also designed to go seamless under your outfits with their wide, padded, and adjustable straps.

Miss ‘Dips-And-Saddles’

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The true-blue superhero for anyone who feels that their breasts require lifting comes to you in the form of the Sag Lift Bra. They’re consciously designed for body types that have a teardrop breast shape. If you find that your breasts are shallow at the top and fuller at the bottom, you’ve got to get your hands on these. The non-stretch cups also provide optimal support with side shapers that define your breasts. On the hunt for a bra that will offer you a perky lift? The Sag Lift Bra it is!

Every experience can be a learning curve when it comes to understanding your body better. Now that you’ve coursed through these experiences, you’re one step ahead of understanding your breast shape and body type, to help find the right products for you. The True Curv range of bras understands broad body frames, fuller bust sizes, and saggy breast profiles. We’re here to watch you embrace your body and love yourself inside out!

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