UncategorizedFlaunt Those Curves With All-New Shapewear

Flaunt Those Curves With All-New Shapewear

Struggling to get into that bodycon dress you bought before all the holiday hogging began? Or tired of extra folds that keep disrupting your ‘lewk’? Or is it a random morning where you woke up all bloated? You might have 99 problems and slipping into shapewear could solve all of them.

The best shapewear can get you a flawless silhouette, a smooth outer appearance, a compact figure AND keep you comfortable for as long as you’re in it! In short, if your outfit is the art then shapewear is the canvas.

Now that we’ve caught your attention, dissolve your troubles and meet our all new shapewear – Firm & Shape series. From tummy to thighs, these comfortable shapewear picks have you covered.


See celebrities with that coveted shape and want it for yourself? You’re not alone! If you, like us, have forgotten about a concept called gym in this holiday season, here’s your magic wand! Discover this high compression shapewear that can be worn for about 4-6 hours. Learn about different shapewear styles and pair it right –



Who doesn’t like a smooth and seamless tuck-in! Whether it’s on a whim or for an occasion, this is the perfect solution – for an undeniably smooth curve! It takes away about 3-4 inches from your tummy area and gives you a smooth, bulge-free look. Slay it with a cocktail gown at weddings or your favourite bodycon dress on a lunch date and you won’t look back.



If you’re looking for something easy to slip into, this is all you need. Whether workout attire or nightwear, getting this piece is a no-brainer. Still need convincing? It’s comfy, cotton infused & contours your waist like nothing else will! 


Want to give voice to your inner fashionista but stay busy hiding your curves? Don’t stop reading this! This shapewear series is here to get you to be fierce, fabulous and as fashionable as you’d like. No kidding and no borders! This medium compression shapewear lasts upto 9 Hrs and feels like second skin. Here is the different shapewear you can rock your everyday outfits with –

Shaping Skirt


Control how you want to look, your silhouette is in your hands! From formal wear to party dresses, this one is extra lightweight and provides comfort that lasts all day. You’ll look slimmer around the thighs and waistline so ladies, it’s a must-have.

Waist Cincher


Love transitions? You’ll love this shapewear when you go from fine to absolutely fabulous. With comfort that lasts all day, while stealing 1-2 inches from your tummy, it’s the perfect companion when paired with a formal shirt and well-fitted tops. Give it a shot, and you will end up loving it!

Thigh Shaper


Looking for a waist-hip shaper that will help you get those coveted curves with 0 effort? Your search stops here! This one targets your abdomen & thighs and tones it like a wonder! Whether it’s a bridesmaid’s dress or a fitted look for a meeting, you will feel more polished and posh and confident with this shapewear. So the only question is – how many are you getting?

Now that you know the different types of shapewear, it’s your turn to pick the one that makes you feel confident and reflects your style. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead, choose the right fit and let your curves do that talk!

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