How To Choose A Sports Bra?

We cannot stress enough how important a sports bra is to a woman’s workout regime. It’s the best support system that saves you from pain and embarrassment. There are so many varieties of sports bras in the market- they look different, they perform different functions and it can be a bit confusing to pick the right one. If you are on the lookout for the perfect Sports Bra, your timing could not have been better! We are here to demystify the legendary Sports Bra and help you choose the right one.

Our number-one advice is to choose your Sports Bra according to your activity level. Sports Bras are designed differently for high, medium and low impact activities. Your size matters too! 

Read on to learn how to choose a Sports Bra according to your activity.


One of the biggest concerns of women runners is breast pain and bounce. Did you know that running without the right Sports Bra can cause chafing and damage to your breast tissue?

You need a Sports Bra like Zelocity High Impact Sports Bra whose high coverage neckline and side provide the right bust compression and cut the bounce. It’s available in sizes up to 38 D with thick adjustable straps – a perfect choice for running, spin classes, Zumba and CrossFit.

Dance & Zumba

Dancing is a fun way to melt away the calories. An essential part of every dancer’s wardrobe is a supportive and, more importantly, sexy Sports Bra for all those practice sessions. 

Check out this Zelocity Sports Bra with a criss-cross back. It looks so cool, you just feel the rhythm! This Sports Bra is designed with two-way stretch for easy movement. Plus, it looks so cute peeking from under your tank top, we won’t blame you for checking yourself out in the studio mirrors! 

Strength Training

After a good sweat-fest, getting out of a Sports Bra may become a hassle for some of us. For this reason, the front-zipper Sports Bra has become a rage among women. It is easy to wear and remove, no matter how sweaty you are. Try the Zelocity Sports Bra With Removable Padding, it’s great for activities like weight training, cycling and dancing.

pump that iron,girl!

Yoga & Pilates

For stretching exercises like yoga and pilates, you need a Sports Bra that holds your bust in one place while you hold your poses, and retains its shape even after sweating and washing. 

Check out Zelocity Sports Bra With Removable Padding made of polyester spandex (retains shape) that comes with adjustable straps in sizes up to XL. It’s the perfect choice for yoga and any other medium-impact activity.

Check out the collection of Sports Bras on Zivame and get one for every activity today!

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