How To Prevent Panty Lines In Yoga Pants?

Its 6:30 am, you’ve finally woken up and dressed for your yoga class – despite the umpteen times you pressed snooze and the many curses you hurled at your alarm clock. You do a quick twirl in front of the mirror before you head out – and to your utter dismay, you find that your panty lines are visible under those comfy yoga leggings!

What do you do?

Forego underwear all together? Change into a pair of less-comfy, non-panty-line-showing pants? Or simply get back into bed ‘cos you feel like none of this is worth it?

Well ladies, if the only thing coming between you and those yoga leggings are visible panty lines – we’ve got you a fix!

The made-for-girls boyshorts
Finding a comfortable panty which doesn’t highlight that v-shape outline under your fitted pants can be tough. Which is why boyshorts are a great choice! The rear coverage doesn’t cut across your backside but rather extends to your upper-thigh, completely eliminating the chance of embarrassing panty lines.

The perfectly-hidden thongs
Get used to them ladies, ‘cos thongs will certainly do the trick! These barely-there-panties, have almost no fabric which means there’s nothing that can show under your yoga pants. Go for a style with a wide waistband, that offers support and is easy to wear.

The invisible seamless panties
We know boyshorts may make you feel uncomfortable, like an added layer under those body-hugging leggings. And thongs can be a bit uncomfortable for newbies! So, make these seamless panties your bffs! With smooth laser-cut edges, they have clean-finish hemlines that remain invisible even under the most-fitted clothes!

Now, if you still aren’t sure about wearing panties under your yoga pants, you don’t have to worry too much – ‘cos we’ve got the perfect exercise leggings that offer comfort, support and compression. Made of a 4-way stretch fabric, they hug your curves tone your body while you exercise and stretch. What’s more they come with an anti-camel toe gusset that ensures modesty even if you are panty-free!

Well, we’ve given you the solutions – now it’s your turn to choose what works for you!


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