Prints and Styles to Go for this Holiday Season

As the air gets cooler by the day, it is time to snuggle, in your best set of winter loungewear or your most comfortable pyjamas and spends all day with your loved ones! Curl up with a cup of hot chocolate or coffee by the window and envisage yourself in a winter wonderland as you feel the chilly breeze refresh all your senses. 

‘Tis the Season!

Zivame introduces a brand new collection to their winter range, most appropriate for those freezing-cold winters. Affordable and in unmatched quality, this latest collection uses the softest of fabrics that enable you to mix comfort with style as you stay toasty beneath the layers but also take up your casual look by a notch. 

Adorned with the brand’s signature ‘Z’ monogram tabs, Zivame’s new assortment has nightdresses, sweatshirts, and pyjamas. Available in several attractive colours and cheerful prints, this festive collection is sure to bring radiance to your face as you relax in the comfort of these garments, made especially for you with love.

Zivame promises to provide you with clothing items that make you feel confident and comfortable. Everyone deserves to feel beautiful in their own body, and all the outfits in this range will help you enhance your grace. To cater to the different needs of various women across the country, there are a variety of designs and styles available as part of this brand-new collection.

Snuggles and Cuddles

First up is the Polar Fleece. As soft as a cushion and more comfortable than your favourite sweater, this fabric will make you feel extra cosy. It resembles a fluffy sheep with its layer of warm wool and gives off a casual, easy-going vibe when paired with fashionable joggers or woven pants. It is perfect for those living in cooler regions and perfect for the chilly winter months. Akin to the tenderness of marshmallows, this fleece material will keep you extra cosy during the brutal winter days and nights. With its level of softness, you will feel like you are touching a cloud, just like the ones that hover right above you in the mountains. Overall, it is an ideal outfit for making beautiful memories of playing various winter sports with your family and friends. Available in bright hues, the collection is sure to add a spark to your winter wardrobe. If you go for white colour, you will blend in thoroughly with the snow and look like a vision in white!

Of Snow and Snowmen

The next style is the Snowman style.

This collection houses the main character as an adorable snowman. The collection vividly captures the mood for a perfect winter and offers a new trend for all your warm outfits. Exceptionally well-suited for all occasions, it is a versatile piece of clothing that serves many purposes and would undoubtedly match well with any pair of pants and shoes. It depicts a snowman decorated in a variety of cheerful wintery accessories in bright colours, which offset the white snowy background of winter. Pair this with either blue or black jeans, and you have got a great outfit for a day out! You can also wear the items with any track pants or pyjamas for a relaxing day at home. The soft material will be great for keeping you cosy but comfortable at the same time. This unique product range majorly makes use of soft, breathable cotton and butter-soft poly elastane. Gift this fantastic set to your mom for her birthday and watch her face light up as she adorns the snowman hoodie or jacket. 

Jingle Bells

Another style in this range is that of a reindeer, which instantly reminds us of Christmas.

This time, the main character is the iconic Christmas reindeer. The product range comes in bright colours that will immediately set you apart from everybody else. During a time when most people prefer to wear darker and more sombre shades, take your chance to stand out from the crowd and greet the onset of winter with cheer and vibrance. The range provides comfortable clothing options, which also makes use of the softest fabrics. Breathable cotton and buttery soft poly elastane make up most of the collection. The main character of the reindeer is adorned in beautiful winter-themed accessories that complement the plain white shade of fresh snow. Pair pyjamas and t-shirts from this collection with wool sweaters or thick lounge pants to ward off the cold temperatures. The outfit will be perfect for a casual outing. Have fun twinning with your sister or your best friend in unique reindeer jackets and hoodies for a full-on immersive experience of Christmas. 

Depictions of Winter

The collection is particularly winter-themed, emphasizing bright colours, graceful prints, and rich fabrics. As you don the pyjama sets and T-shirt dresses, you will feel the winter spirit coursing through your veins. So get ready for the advent of winter activities, snowy days, Christmas trees, and hot mugs of tea! 

Each outfit is different, through which Zivame recognizes the inherent uniqueness of each individual who chooses this collection. Whether your styles are different or overlapping, there is something for everyone. So try out the collection today and style it in a way that reflects who you truly are. Clothes are made for expression. Through this collection, you will indeed feel a surge of confidence to welcome this year’s winter season.

The designs in this collection show fun-filled activities made of – like skiing and ice-skating – to bring in some much-needed winter cheer. Just like the characters in the clothing items, who are depicted as enjoying these sports to the fullest, you are sure to have your fair share of fun in these hoodies, jackets, co-ord sets, and long shrugs. Invest in these dreamy and soft pieces from Zivame to ensure that you are ready for the upcoming winter season. Channel your inner fashionista and style the pieces in whichever way you want. They are sure to look fabulous and sophisticated on you!

A Blend of Comfort and Style

The perfectly cosy garments of Zivame fit right in with the theme of a winter wonderland that surrounds every gathering during the colder months of the year. These are indeed the prints and styles to go for this holiday season. There is nothing better than this festive gear to help you gear up for all the Christmas or new year parties and family photos! The prints on these products will look vibrant and graceful in every frame.

As you enter the chilly climate of November-December, Zivame’s winter collection will be ideal for you. With soft fabrics that provide more than adequate protection against the cold, the products will leave you marvelling at their quality. They are the best garments to wear during wintertime, both indoors and outdoors. So whether you are at home just chilling or getting ready to go out with your loved ones, this product range will enable you to be at ease and feel revitalized. The soothing colours will give you solace, and the buttery softness of the material will leave you feeling content with your purchase. With this new collection, which is just the right mix of comfort and fashion, you will be ready to put your best foot forward at any given point in time. So what are you waiting for? 

As Zivame expands its ambit to bring in new collections, we recommend that you expand the boundaries of your wardrobe with this range. Who said that you have to choose between comfort and style? Make the best choice for yourself with outfits that you feel confident and beautiful in. So, go and check out our winter collection now and treat yourself to something which redefines grace and comfort.

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