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Oh Sheet! 5 Mask Hacks You Should Know


Sheet masks: The simple innovation that has now turned into a staple for all women on the move! But did you know that there’s more to them than meets the eye? That’s right! These Japanese-Korean elixirs can be used in a way that makes more than most of that extra instaglow they’re known for, making them the multitaskers you never knew you needed.

So, let’s get right down to it with some tricks to get you going. Because easy and efficient skincare goodies energise your skin? SIGN US UP!

C-T-M and then Mask up

Because sheet masks are loaded with nourishment, you may believe that they should go onto your skin directly. How about we do things differently? Follow your everyday skincare routine – cleansing, toning and moisturising. On sheet mask days, use facial oils and then put on your sheet mask. You’ll notice a world of a difference with that extra dose of moisture that’s locked in!

Snip to fit

More often than not, the relationship status of our facial skin is Complicated with a capital C. Think oily T-zones, a sensitive chin area, larger pores on cheeks, dry winter noses and more – sometimes all at ONCE! So, bring out a pair of scissors and a combination of sheet masks. This way you can snip off the extras, and use more than 1 mask for the different areas of your face. Customised skincare FTW!

Oh-so cool

Tried refrigerating your mask for a quick 10 minutes before you put it on? It works like magic! The chill itself is enough to reduce the size of your pores, not to mention the goodness of the serum it comes with. The double whammy works to instantly calm and soothe your skin and then goes the extra mile to hydrate it. Perfect for that facial effect at home!

Tools are jewels

Sheet masks are lathered with a serum that works into your skin layers. If you want to make the most of them, bring out the tools! Start by steaming your face to help make your skin receptive to incoming vitamins. Next up, jade rollers and gua shas! Once you’re done masking, use these tools to sculpt, tone and depuff your skin. They collaborate with your sheet mask for more extensive care.

Not for long!

Question – did you think that the longer the mask stays on, the better results you’d get? A moment of silence ‘cuz we’ve all made that mistake before! If you keep the mask on until it dries completely, it’s going to eventually dehydrate your skin, which is literally the opposite of what it’s meant for! The ideal duration to keep a sheet mask on is not more than 20 minutes, so keep your timer ready.

Room for extras

Sometimes it so happens that the serum on your sheet mask can feel excessive for your facial skin alone. We’re not complaining, but it’s got us thinking as to what else we can do with it! For starters, you can slather the serum on your elbows, knees and feet. Alternatively, you can dip cotton balls in it, and store it in a mason jar for refrigeration. Either way, you’ve now got optimum usage out of one!

There you go! Sheet masks are an easy segue to soft, supple and glowing skin. Choose them based on your skin type and skin concerns – hack it and pack it in!


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