FashionPair Your Panties Right

Pair Your Panties Right

You may have a host of panties in your closet, but when it comes to picking one for an outfit, which do you choose? Now learn the secrets behind perfect panty-outfit pairings and wear each style with confidence.

No-Panty-Line Panties

These panties have smooth laser cut edges that don’t show underneath your fitted clothes. The non-stretch polyamide takes the shape of your contours while the silicon edges keep it from riding up, making it seamlessly disappear under your outfit.

Thongs or G-Strings

Similar to no-panty-line panties, these are a little sexier in style. Thongs / G strings provide minimum or zero coverage and are ideal under form-fitting clothing. The low waistband and thin fabric around the hips and down the back ensure that seams don’t show.


With maximum coverage, bikini style panties are ideal for daily wear under your regular everyday clothes. The low to mid cut of the waistline makes it comfortable to wear and does not peek out.


For moderate coverage and complete comfort, hipsters are the way to go. The waist band is higher and the sides are wider compared to other panty styles. Hipsters are ideal for days when you want to feel most at ease.


Designed to have a rectangular shape, boy shorts are perfect for full coverage. Like the name suggests, they fit like shorts so you needn’t worry about panty lines showing at the hips and thighs.

Waist Shaping Panties

With wide sides and high elastic waistbands, shaping panties help to smoothen out the bulges and minimise visibility of muffin tops. They provide moderate compression while still giving you the ease of a panty.


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