Outfits x Lingerie: Fashion, Styling, Matchmaking

It’s your best friend’s wedding celebration. You’ve been eyeing this halter maxi gown for just short of forever. What lingerie goes best with it?

The boy you’ve been crushing on has taken the hint(s?) and asked you out! It’s a movie + dinner date. You want to put in an effort, but effortlessly! What bra would you pair with this one?

Time flies, doesn’t it? It’s your first wedding anniversary, and the husband has to be impressed! You’ve decided to deck up in a fashionable saree! Tell us which bra goes best with this piece?

Birthday celebrations need to be bang on! When 30 is the new 20, it definitely warrants a lunch with the girls. A tube top sounds great on paper, but do you know the bra it needs?

That promotion you’ve been eyeing is finally yours! It’s time to show the office that your style meter is up there with your hustle. That pencil skirt you’ve bought is about to come handy, but what will you wear underneath?

The pandemic is finally over and you’re (finally!) going clubbing. You’ve bought a nude sheer dress for the celebration, but in hindsight the arm-holes are a bit much! Well, no compromises when you’re talking to Zivame. Tell us which bra you’d pair with this one