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Women's Panties Collection Online

Panties Collection on Zivame

Are you looking for the perfect undergarments for your outfits? Then, Zivame opens up a whole new world for you. Here is everything that you need to know about the style, cut, and fit of women’s panties to find that perfect match.

Panties for Women

Women’s underwear is no longer a garment that is hidden in a small drawer at the back of your closet. Today, undergarments are an important part of fashion and have evolved over the years. From endless choices in cuts and designs, these delicate garments are quite powerful in the statement that they make. Women panties play an important role in how confident you feel when you wear a particular outfit. It is no wonder that some of the top fashion houses globally have a fully functioning and successful department focused only on undergarments.

Zivame brings you the largest collection of the latest trends in women’s underwear. Choose your style and wear it every day with confidence.

Types of Women’s Panties

As fashion trends developed and changed, so did the humble innerwear. You can find the right ladies panties for every mood and outfit.

  1. Boy Shorts: The most conservative of all women’s panties, boy shorts can be described as “really short shorts”. They offer complete coverage both in the front and in the back. They go best with dresses and skirts to keep you feeling comfortable.

  2. Period Panties: These antimicrobial panties are a girl’s best friend during her periods. They offer full coverage and ensure up to 12 hours freshness to keep you active and on the move without a worry in the world.

  3. Transparent Panties: Made with sheer fabric like net or lace, these ladies panties are perfect when you want to spice things up with your man. These feminine and delicate panties are a must-have in every woman’s wardrobe.

  4. Hipster Panties: These are your go-to panties if you are looking for comfort. They not only offer complete coverage in the back but also keep the sides covered. The extra coverage also goes a long way when you are on your period.

  5. Thong Panties: Ladies, if you shy away from those skin-hugging leggings and jeggings only because of ugly panty lines then, a thong is what you need. Also, known as the G-string, thongs are perfect for keeping the creases smooth no matter how snug a dress or legging is.

  6. Padded Panties: Want a more curvy figure? How about buying some padded panties online. They come with a few added layers on the back to give you a bootylicious figure.

  7. Seamless Panties: Say goodbye to panty lines with seamless panties. Perfect to wear with trousers and fitted dresses or skirts, seamless panties give you the advantage of style and comfort.

  8. Bikini Panties: These are easily the most common type of panty in a modern woman’s wardrobe. They offer great coverage in the front and the back but are cut higher on the sides. This gives these panties a more sleek and stylish appeal.

  9. High Waist Panties: For that perfect silhouette, when you are wearing a well-fitted outfit, a high waist panty can work wonders. They keep your love handles tucked in to make you feel more confident with any outfit that you wear.

Comfortable Fabric for Ladies Panties

Along with the right panty size and type, the fabric is another parameter to consider when shopping for new lingerie.

  1. Cotton Panty: For daily wear, cotton panties are the best option. Choose panties that are made with 100% cotton for maximum comfort. Cotton is a fabric that breathes well. It is also very light, making it the most basic yet sensible choice.
  2. Lace Panty: Lace ladies’ panties are the rage in today’s market. These panties look extremely feminine and elegant. You also have beautifully embroidered options in any of the cuts that are mentioned above. However, you need to make sure that you choose high-quality lace because it is soft and comfortable.
  3. Satin Panty: For a romantic time with your partner, a satin panty is perfect. It shines and catches the light beautifully. There is a sense of elegance when it comes to satin. However, this may not be the best choice for daily wear, as satin does not breathe as well as cotton or lace.
  4. Net Panty: Spice things up with net women’s underwear. This is the latest trend to hit the fashion world and has been well received by women across the world. The panties may be made entirely with the net fabric or may have a net band and trimming. Either way, it is a fashionable and playful choice.

Buy Panties Online on Zivame

When it comes to women’s panties, Zivame is a name that you can trust. You can explore all the latest trends to keep your wardrobe updated. With elaborate size charts and different cuts for all body types; you can rest assured that there is something for everyone. No matter what your definition of comfort and style is, Zivame offers great choices. You also have seasonal sales and value packs to make buying panties online more affordable.

FAQs on Panties

  1. How to measure panty size?

    To help you find the right panty size, every product on Zivame comes with a size chart. You can choose the size based on the hip measurements provided in the size charts.

  2. What are the most comfortable panty styles?

    For maximum comfort and daily wear, bikini cut, hipster, seamless, and high rise panties are your best choices. For all-day comfort, opt for panties that are made in organic, breathable fabric like cotton.

  3. Which type of panties are best for office use?

    While bikini cut, seamless panties, and hipsters are the most comfortable options, you must also consider your outfit. If you are wearing fitted cotton trousers or pencil skirts, for instance, a thong is a great choice to avoid unwanted panty lines.

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