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Have you ever thought, why you need to wear swimsuits for swimming? Have you tried wearing simple everyday cotton wear for the first time you went swimming and could not enjoy it much comfortably? Well, let me clear the difference between swimsuits and everyday wear.

Swimsuits VS Everyday wear

Swimsuits are designed out of a special nylon material, which is very light in weight, whereas everyday wear can vary in weight and material. Swimwears are non-absorbent to water and so do not let water to be soaked in, in turn, makes you feel light when you get out of the water, unlike everyday clothes. Swimming costumes are designed in such a way that all your body parts are free to move easily within the water. On the other hand, normal daily clothing may entangle your body parts making you feel uncomfortable in the water.

Now that swimming costumes are so important to be worn while swimming, let us have a look at some of the stylish yet simple swimwear.

Latest Zivame Swimsuit Collection

Take a peek at one stop shop solution for swimsuits at Zivame. The company offers you with the wide range of new zivame collection in a bikini and other swimwear for ladies. At Zivame you can relish other brands renowned for swimming costumes like Speedo and Amante. Let us check some of the beautifully designed swimsuits for ladies.

  1. Zivame racerback swimsuit - Flaunt your well-maintained figure with this stylish racerback swimsuit available only at Zivame swimsuit collection.
  2. Speedo padded swimsuit - Speedo is known for its quality and comfort. Speedo has designed this swimming suit for ladies to provide easy and flexible slip in the swimwear in one piece giving the top and hipster look. It is good for guarding your skin against sun and chlorine.
  3. Zivame padded maillot - Maillots are one-piece swimwear specially designed for letting you enjoy swimming freely. It is highly on demand as it is made of the material which is stretchable according to body shape with good retention.
  4. Scooped neck Swimsuit - This is one of the Zivame’s exclusive collection of Swimsuits. It is made with an appearance of one piece, consisting of a hook closure at the back. This enables you to wear the swimming costume at much ease without any size problem.
  5. Zivame Criss Cross Lace Swimsuit - The criss-cross swimsuit is designed to be stylish and sexy. It is perfection merge of functionality and fashion. The crisscross design not only accentuates your look but also let you swim freely.

Be Bold And Sexy With Zivame Swimsuits

Get ready for a fun-filled vacation with Zivame exclusive collection of women wear lingerie, bikini swimsuits, accessories and more. To give ladies a unique choice in shapewear, Zivame’s designers have crafted a special range in ladies’ sportswear and swimwear for giving women. From polka dots to floral prints to geometric patterns, you will get a wide range in colours and designs with which you can flaunt to your friends and family.

You can explore your favourite collection among varied designs and patterns in swimwear, lingerie, bottom wear even sportswear and enjoy the fabulous offers with the best fit as per your body and choice. So, ladies, indulge yourself in easy breezy shopping for swimsuits in India online and in studios with Zivame’s exclusive range. Along with swimsuits, shop for dresses, bralettes, camisoles, panties and much more in a comfortable online shopping experience on Zivame.

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