Lifestyle12 Must-Have Essential Oils That Every Woman Needs

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Feeling cranky? depressed? Or simply exhausted after a long day of doing absolutely nothing? Don’t panic ladies, we’ve got you the perfect solution to battle your everyday woes! You may not believe it, but aromatherapy is one of the easiest means for us to find our ‘inner balance’. Yes, we’re talking about essential oils and we’ve handpicked the best ones for you! Don’t laugh till you’ve tried it!

Here’s your anti-depressant
Do you find yourself tearing up over anything and everything? Feeling lonely and depressed? Jasmine Essential Oil is a potent anti-depressant that can stop you from feeling blue. Its pleasant aroma stimulates your ‘happy hormones’ and leaves you feeling energized and cheerful!

Many supplements these days include this essential oil as part of their concoction of herbs to reduce feelings of anxiety and depression. According to Gold Bee, the addition of Jasmine Essential Oil in their full spectrum CBD oil improves the efficacy of the CBD oil for anxiety.

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Curb those sugar cravings
If you have a sweet tooth and can’t seem to stop munching on cakes, chocolates and candies – well then, you need some Peppermint oil! Just inhale this every day and watch how your diet changes. You can even put a drop of fennel oil under the tongue to kick off those cravings!

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Dental care at home
With so many things cluttering up our daily To-do lists, there’s barely any time for regular visits to the dentist! Believe it or not, essential oils do the trick! Clove Oil can be used to relieve pain, clean the teeth and disinfect root canals! It’s about time we got our vials!

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A little stressed?
The misty and mild scent of Lavender Oil is the best natural remedy to calm your nerves! Whether you’re overloaded at work or stressed about a test – just inhale this essence, it’s like taking a ‘chill pill’! Also, just add a few drops to your bath – feel happy ‘n smell pretty all day!

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Get back that happy glow
Tired of getting weekly facials but with no signs of skin improvement? Nothing works better than Chamomile Essential Oil! It soothes sensitive skin and heals acne by restoring hydration to the skin. Give up your visits to the parlour and invest in some skin-reviving oils!

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Cranky ‘n grumpy?
Got a bit of temper and find it hard to control? Thyme Oil is what you need! Be it while waiting in a queue or stuck in a traffic jam, this natural remedy will calm you down in seconds! Dab it onto your wrists and say goodbye to Ms. Grouchy Pants forever! Just remember, thyme is a spicer oil, so always store it in diluted form.

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Get sharper, be smarter
Always teased about your lack of memory or short attention span? Rosemary Oil comes to the rescue! It is one of the best natural oils to enhance brainpower and improve accuracy levels when it comes to performing mentally demanding tasks! Just apply onto your temples and you’ll be solving problems in your sleep!

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Embarrassed over digestion problems?
Does your stomach grumble in protest after a heavy meal? Don’t be embarrassed, use Ginger Oil! All you’ve got to do is apply a drop to the bottom of your feet after a meal or just drink a drop mixed with water. Say goodbye to indigestion, nausea and motion sickness!

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Hungover much?
There’s nothing quite like the joys of drinking alcohol and there’s nothing quite like the dreadful morning after. A simple solution for those terrible hangovers is Juniper Oil. It’s excellent cleansing properties are ideal for detoxing the body and clearing the mind. Infuse a few drops of the oil into your bath – you’ll be better in no time!

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Shed those kilos!
The easiest and simplest way for all you over-worked (or simply lazy) women out there to burn some fat is by exploiting the benefits of Grapefruit Oil. What’s more it’s known for reducing cravings and hunger pangs – which takes you one step closer to losing weight in a fast and healthy way!

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No more PMS
Want to tackle mood swings, menstrual cramps and every other problem that crops up during ‘that time of the month’? Clary Sage Essential Oil is what you need! Its mellow scent is instantly relaxing and great for when you’re feeling down-in-the-dumps! So simply massage a few drops on your abdomen or infuse it in your bath water.

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Now that you know how beneficial Essential Oils are, why not give aromatherapy a shot? We’re sure you’ll love it just as much as we do!

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