Fashion2 Mile Fashion: From Sleep to the Streets
2 Mile Fashion

At Zivame, we craft intimate wear that connects with the modern Indian woman. Designing for her unique profile, aesthetic, and nuanced needs, helps ensure Zivame intimate wear is comfortable, evokes confidence and hits the spot when it comes to her mood or occasion. With a growing demand, worldwide, for apparel that is ‘occasion-fluid’, the terms streetwear and sleepwear have never been more synonymous. This culminated in the creation of Zivame’s 2 Mile Fashion – fashion wear that goes beyond couch to cafés, and bed to brunches – styles you can wear within a two-mile radius of home!

Here’s what Prachi Walia, our AGM Design Head has to say about 2 Mile Fashion – a capsule line of PJ sets, shorts sets and lounge dresses in four unique prints –  and why she thinks it is a must-have in your wardrobe, throughout the year!

What gave rise to 2 Mile Fashion? What was the idea behind building this capsule?

The idea first came around during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The concept started with women spending a lot of time indoors, and realising the need to up their home fashion. While the pandemic may have ended, women play so many roles today that the need for transitional fashion persisted.

Hence 2 Mile Fashion, something that helps you achieve a seamless transition from indoor to outdoors – as she runs errands, drops her kid to school, or simply goes to a coffee shop. 

Can you tell us more on the inspiration behind the designs for 2 Mile Fashion and touch upon the process?

The inspiration behind the designs for 2 Mile Fashion was the need to simplify a woman’s life. 

The designs executed for 2 Mile Fashion ensure that this need is met. This demand is met specially with the help of one of the trends doing the rounds – simplified silhouettes. Since it’s homewear, we got rid of buttons, ziplines and other hardware, and replaced it with simple, clean, clever fashion that helps women look put together, even at home. This collection ensures that women feel confident enough to greet a guest at the door in their home wear.

Comfort is our bedrock, and the fabrics we have used make sure you’re as comfortable as possible – indoors or outdoors. 

What are the collections and styles released as a part of the 2 Mile Fashion collection?

Tea Tales

With hypnotic Barbados Cherry hues complemented by intricate floral patterns, this collection adds a fresh, flowery tone to your wardrobe, designed to elevate your daily high tea afternoon routine.

Tea Tales
Tea Tales

Outta Bed

In Outta Bed we chose striped prints that come in a serene shade of pink, so it combines the comfort of home with the energy of an urban landscape. With Outta Bed, you can take fashion to the streets as you head to breakfast or a morning grocery run!

Outta Bed 2 Mile Fashion
Outta Bed

Airport Chic

These polka-patterned pieces will add a flavour of holiday joy to your wardrobe as you gear up for the season.

Airport Chic 2 Mile Fashion
Airport Chic

Resort Run

This one is an all-pastel collection, very dreamy with lace detailing, and adds an element of languidness and leisure to your summer.

Resort Run
Resort Run

Will you be expanding for more moods and occasions?

Yes, we will be expanding the collection with more moods and occasions! 

We are going to keep bringing in more evolved lines which are much more than just sleepwear. We will be releasing more styles, more prints, and colourways, all under the umbrella of 2 Mile Fashion. 

I believe 2 Mile Fashion will stay relevant due to the need for a woman to don a lot of hats and fulfil a lot of duties, and we will continue to make her life simpler with more such capsules!

Sagarneel Chakraborty