5 Best Chilled Treats To Quench Your Thirst This Summer

The smell of freshly cut grass. Catching late sunsets. Humidity, dripping heavy in the air and from our glasses as condensation. Ah, it’s summer in full bloom! Drenched in sunbeams and – well – perspiration, our thirst for colours and cocktails knows no bounds. Here are a list of cooling treats you can make to quench that thirst. Enjoy!

Raspberry Cooler in Raunchy Red

She’s refreshing and sweet, ready to bewitch in passionate red. She’s an enticing potion of ripe raspberry nectar and seltzers. Feeling fancy? Add a dash of vanilla bean for some extra flavour!

Orange Iced tea in Ombre Orange

Your good ol’ orange juice gets a sassy upgrade for lazy summer afternoons; all hail orange slices soaked in iced, black tea brewed to perfection. With a tiny drop of sweetener- honey or simple syrup- she’s ready. Her essence taking over the sun, her ombre orange hue, a sight for sore eyes. 

Blueberry slushie in Poignant Purple

She’s unapologetically decadent and rich, swirling in an icy slush, leaving you wanting more. A little mint leaf here, a tiny squeeze of lime there, and you won’t be able to put her down. Everyone loves flavoured ice, but blueberry slushie? She rules the list with an intense purple haze. Bonus: Add real blueberries to make it fruity and flamboyant!

Green apple mocktail in Goddess Green

Watch out for this diva of a mocktail, because she’s unlike any other! A blend of juicy green apples & assorted flavours of sweet, sour & occasional spice; the gorgeous appletini glass is filled with refreshing emerald. Everything’s better with bubbles so go ahead, add some soda in the mix too!

Pineapple & lime spritzer in Yummy Yellow

A rejuvenating concoction of sweet pineapple with a tinge of lime, she’s everything light, fresh and fruity we look for on a sunny day. Don’t forget to add some spritzer for a little zazz. Invigorate yourself in her pale yellow glow, while Coldplay croons the melody, soft in the background! 

Feeling thirsty? Go ahead and whip up these tasty treats and feel the blast of fresh energy seep through you, as you sip through them. 

Here’s another idea: Why not match the colour of your drinks with your intimate wear, as you lounge by the pool? Head to Zivame for a cacophony of fresh summer colours, 1 – or 20 – for each drink you make. Go ahead, have yourselves a trendy and well-hydrated summer!

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