5 ways to live in your baggy clothes and look fine!

Summer is the most enjoyable time to experiment with your style & play with fashion; especially with crop tops & pretty sundresses grabbing the sunlight. However, we are all familiar with those days when we just want to hide behind baggy sweat sets and munch on junk, aren’t we?

Well, who said baggy comfort is a fashion faux pas; let us tell you 5 ways to amp up and style those comfort silhouettes! 

Bring out the baggy pants

Skip skinny jeans and truly invest in different designs and styles of baggy pants. Embrace this phase, rather than trying to escape it; cargo pants to boyfriend jeans, straight cuts and Mom jeans, can become your true BFFs. Pair them with a (crop) top that balances silhouettes and still gets your style quotient sky-rocketing. Flaunt a pretty back Zivame bra with it, and you’ll turn into that edgy yet, put-together baddie on the street!

The T-shirt woman

For this look, you need a longline, oversized T-shirt, a pair of boots, and you are GTG! Feeling modest? Add some shaper panties underneath and your ensemble will take on a more fitted, current appearance. And here’s the bonus – as the outfit calls for maximalism, the more accessories, the merrier!

Sweatshirts, but make ‘em fashion

There’s our best friend- the oversized sweatshirt! Now let’s add a little twist to it, shall we? Wear it over a pair of basic cycling shorts or a thigh shaper from Zivame that is sure to lend you an enviable silhouette. Put on those statement sunglasses, hoop earrings and go take on the world!

Skirting the real issue

If the bottom half of you wants to be tucked away for another day, how about donning a flowy pleated skirt? These do a fabulous job of getting you to look stylish, yet hidden. Pair it with a fitted t-shirt, sleeveless number or simply a silk cami. Slip-on a pair of heels – or go casual with white sneakers. This look has a lot of potential; you can dress it up or down, totally up to your whim. 

In love with the boyfriend…shirt!

Something about those long-sleeved, baggy hugs is just so comforting. Of the baggy shirts, we mean. Pair them with a Zivame bralette, some Gen Z denim, and strappy sandals. Do the partial tuck-in and automatically emerge with a cool ‘I didn’t try to be cute, but I am’ vibe. Time to steal some shirts (or buy them fresh) and experiment away!

There you have it. Getting your comfort clothes to look well-tailored is possible if you just pair them with the right partner. And guess what? You might find many of these partners at Zivame itself, and the rest of your ensembles will fall in place.

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