5 Bralettes You Can Style Into Outfits for Pandal Hopping

The Durga Puja is finally here. It’s that time of the year when you want to look your best while hopping around pandals with your girl gang or your loved ones. These five bralettes are sure to make you a showstopper, and we will show you how.

Parfait Bralette 

Available in black – which is both versatile and classy – you can pair this lace bralette with your favourite saree, lehenga bottom, or flared long skirt, whether ethnic or western. Or, you could be adventurous with your own brand of mix and match, by wearing it under your favourite jumpsuit, jacket or even a line dress and leave the front buttons open to show off your new addition to the wardrobe.

Vintage Lace Bralette 

Available in a happy, festive pink, this vintage lace bralette can be paired with a leather jacket and jeans for that biker girl look, or you could play desi and wear it as your lehenga top or blouse for that saree. Since it is the perfect companion for low necklines, you could also wear it under that tube dress or under that cute jumpsuit.

Sensual Stir Bralette

Available in a festive golden hue, this star-of the-show bralette is sure to turn heads when you wear it with a matching pair of lehenga choli or a gorgeous gold saree. For that easy-breezy feel, throw on a shrug, pair it with your favourite palazzos or flared pants, and dress it up with chunky silver jewellery.

Parfait Lace Bralette

Bring out your most prized possession – your mom’s white and red floral saree and zing it up with this white lace bralette. You could also wear it with that prim white lehenga choli that you wanted to jazz up a bit. Or, you could wear it with a tiered, long skirt, throw on a denim shirt with its front open and wear your white sneakers for a chic look.

Rosaline Lace Bralette 

This bra screams classy and sexy all at the same time! You can light up your pandal hopping evenings by pairing it with a sexy skirt or that black georgette saree. It can also be paired with oversized blazers and paper-bag-waist pants/denims/flared pants. You can take the sexiness up a notch by wearing it under mesh shirts, whether white or in pastel hues. Voila! You’re pujo ready!


Hint: Pandal hopping requires a lot of energy. To make sure that you look fresh all day long, try wearing sunny, pastel colours and lightweight fabrics such as crepe, cotton or linen during the day. At night, when it’s cooler and the shining lights accentuate your looks, try darker colours and heavier fabrics.


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