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Home Workouts are the surest way of staying in shape even when the fitness centres seem out of reach. Simple exercises like walking, spot jogging, yoga, bodyweight exercises can help you keep your health in check no matter where you are. But, most of us forget that ‘form’ is important even if it is just a home workout. Those slouchy Pyjamas and at-home Bras just won’t cut it. 

You still need proper well-fitted workout gear for comfort, support and to avoid injury. Not just that, we also believe that the simple act of slipping into your workout gear gets you mentally ready for a killer workout. So, ladies gear up for a sweat session at home with our workout essentials; check them out here:

Low Impact Sports Bra: This Bra is designed for gentle activities like walking, yoga, stretching etc. If your exercise is mostly bounce-free, this Bra is perfect for you. Choose a Low Impact Bra that has a soft comfortable feel and incredible stretch to get more out of your workout.

Try: Zivame Low Impact Sports Bra

Medium-Impact Sports Bra: This Bra is ideal for slightly more intense activities like power yoga, brisk walking, cycling, working out on an elliptical trainer etc. If you are a C cup and above, a Medium-Impact Sports Bra is a must-have in your wardrobe as it gives you better support than a Low Impact Sports Bra.

Try: Zelocity Medium-Impact Sports Bra With Removable Padding

Stylish Medium-Impact Sports Bra

T-shirts: Relaxed fit tees are great for a home workout especially if you are not in the mood for wearing fitted tank tops in the summers. They are great for even lounging at home. Choose from our collection of soft and breathable cotton and polyester tees that keep you sweat-free and are incredibly stretchable. They’re available in exciting colours and designs that’ll keep you feeling chic and comfortable through your workouts and beyond.

Try: Zelocity Easy Movement Relaxed Fit T-Shirt

Zelocity Easy Movement Cotton T-Shirt

Shorts: Shorts provide incredible ease of movement especially while running. Our shorts are designed with a precision fit that lets you run without distraction, adding to your full range of motion. So whether you are running in your garden, a track or on a treadmill, count on our Shorts to keep you dry and comfortable.

Try: Easy Movement Double Layer Shorts

Zelocity Pop-Fresh Double Layered Shorts

Leggings: Leggings are perfect for you if you want to contain excessive jiggling and hold your muscles firmly in one place during a workout. They are incredibly versatile and can be worn during yoga, Pilates, HIIT training, dancing, Zumba, running and countless other workouts. Our Leggings come in a variety of lengths, colours, designs, and sizes- making them a must-have in every girl’s workout wardrobe.

Try: Zelocity Skin Fit Leggings

Green Skin Fit Leggings

Joggers: Joggers are functional and stylish. If you are not keen on wearing fitted leggings or shorts while working out, Joggers are the way to go. Joggers give you the ease of movement since they’re designed with elastic around the ankles. They are ideal for walking, running, dancing, Zumba and Yoga. Our Joggers are made of Polyester cotton for a super soft feel and wrinkle prevention. If you avoid Joggers because of their itchy side seams, check out our side seamed Joggers that are stitched using flatlock tech for seams that lie flat on the body to avoid chafing.

Try: Zelocity Easy Movement Joggers With Flat Seams

Zelocity Easy Movement Relaxed Fit Joggers

Ladies, workout from the ease of your home with effective and comfortable Zivame Activewear. Head to Zivame and order your favourites today! 

Team Zivame