Uncategorized5 Last-Minute Costume Ideas For Your Halloween House Party

With Halloween just around the corner and Christmas not too far, the season of parties has started! And while we can’t wait for the gala times to begin, the flurry of parties also bring along a unique challenge. And that’s finding the perfect costume for every celebration – one that’s cute and comfy too.

Now, if you’re anything like us, and love to play dress up but also hate getting out of your pyjamas, we’ve got some ideas for your Halloween house party costume!

With our new Spooky Stories collection, all you need to do is add on an accessory or two, and turn your pyjamas into party wear, instantly! Read on to get some #styleinspo right here.

1. Everyone’s Favourite Bat Girl

Knee-high boots, a bat print dress, and a black bat mask is all you need! If you expect the weather to get chilly, just add on a black cape and snuggle up like it’s your own personal blanket. That way, you can sneak in a quick nap at the party too. It’s a win-win for all!

2. Pumpkin Spook Latte

The one drink everyone wants more than anything else in the fall is the Pumpkin Spice Latte. So, it’s only fair that we pay homage and dedicate a costume to it! All you need to do is slip into a pair of pumpkin print pyjamas, and carry a signature coffee cup in hand. Anyone who gets the wordplay without an explanation deserves a treat from you!

3. Feelin’ Witchy….

And it isn’t a bad thing! Get yourself a witch’s hat, DIY a broomstick (it’s unbelievably easy!) and slip on a pair of comfy pyjamas to match. So what if the conventional witch wears long robes and pointy boots? Our Spooky Stories collection is always more comfortable when you’ve got some pretend spell-casting to do!

4. Creepy Cat Lady

The Halloween version of the crazy cat lady, this outfit doesn’t need much effort but always wins the creepy points! Get a set of pyjama pants, draw on whiskers and put on cat ears if you can find them. Now, all you need to do is stealthily lean over someone’s shoulders and grin like the Cheshire cat. They’re sure to get startled!

5. Your Adorable Neighbourhood Ghost

A twist on the friendly neighbourhood ghost, all you need for this costume is a white sheet and a pair of cute sleep shorts inside (PS – we’ve got some truly adorable prints for you!). The inspiration behind using shorts, you ask? ‘Cos it’s the outfit of a ghost that’s always too sleepy to spook!

Love these ideas? Got a few more? We can’t wait to see how you deck up for the Halloween house party! Check out our Spooky Stories collection and get your favourite Halloween print nightwear today!

We’d love to know how you styled them, so be sure to share your outfits and tag us on Instagram @officialzivame.

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