UncategorizedOur Top 4 Summer Picks To Beat The Heat In Style!

As much as we all love summer, it can also be a bummer when the heat leaves you struggling to find the right kind of outfits! So, our thumb rule for warm-season dressing is to pick up something that strikes a balance between sexy and smart. And we’re gonna show you how to do that!


Packed Social Calendars

Extensive summer plans call for summer-ready outfits, right? And that begins with the right kind of lingerie for the occasion. Whether you’re looking for something fancy, something practical or a mix of both, we’ve got a wide range you can pick from. From light coloured cotton bras that can keep you sweat-free to pretty bralettes that will look great for that road trip, we’ve got it all.



















Let’s Make Waves

It’s easier to soak up the sun when you’re cooling off by the water. Yes, we’re talking about swimming. Can you think of a better way to chill this summer?

If you aren’t doing it already, it’s time to add swimming to your summer routine and we’ve got great swimwear for that. It’s fun, it’s functional and it’s the kind that would turn heads at the pool!


Our Pick For Lazy Days!

We all want to make the most of summer with weekend getaways and fancy pool parties. But some days are just for staying at home, overloading on carbs, binging on the ice-cream and enjoying some me-time. And for those days we’ve got Netflix-perfect loungewear with soft, cottony fabric and adorable summer prints.

Keeping Your Cool!

The bare truth about working out in summer is that it’s nothing but a struggle and it can be super frustrating. Imagine yourself walking out of the gym with the clothes stuck to your body because of the sweat? Ugh, no one wants to feel that!  And that’s why we’ve got activewear that’s designed with quick-dry fabric that wicks off the moisture and keeps you odour-free during your workout.

Now that we’ve simplified summer dressing for you, all you’ve got to do is pick your favourite style and show it off!


Team Zivame