Uncategorized5 Reasons You Should Wear Padded Bras


If you have ever admired someone with a perfect, well-rounded bosom- she probably owns a great collection of Padded Bras! Padded Bras are the easiest way to flaunt an incredible bust line no matter what your size or shape. If you are thinking about why you need to wear a Padded Bra when your normal Bra looks just fine- hear us out!

Looking for a little boost? Padded Bras are all you need! No surgeries, no knives. Just a Padded Bra! Depending on the intensity of the padding of your chosen Bra, you can get a mild to a va-va-voom bust lift within a few minutes. No pain, just gain! 

If you are looking for a more rounded appearance get your hands on an amazing Padded Bra and you are gold. The ‘Twins’ as we girls like to call them are not always identical in size but with the right Padded Bra they can look even-sized every time!

Single layered Bras run the risk of nipples showing through sheer tops especially when there is a drop in temperature. This can be incredibly embarrassing and can make you uncomfortable. A Padded Bra has your back (and front) in such a situation. The padding ensures no matter how sheer your top is or how cold it gets, you remain confident and at ease.

You know how fitted tops/Kurtis are all the rage? It’s really a pity when your trendy look is spoiled by a crumply Bra with its seams poking through. But this will never be a problem if you wear a Padded Bra underneath. The moulded, seamless cups of a Padded Bra ensure a smooth, wrinkle-free look with all your tops, tees, Kurtis and dresses. 

If you were told Padded Bras are not for curvies, you have been lied to! Full-figured women can wear Padded Bras with minimal padding (or more) to experience a bit of lift, generous support, smooth silhouette, a no-show through look and a perky bustline! In fact, at Zivame, we have full-coverage Padded Minimiser Bras that will give you all this and much more! We also have Super Support Padded Bras, specially engineered with a 4-way support system for maximum comfort. What’s not to love, right?

Now that you have heard all our reasons to wear Padded Bras, what are you waiting for? Head to Zivame to shop from a huge variety of Padded Bras (wired & non-wired!) in different sizes, designs and colours today! 

Team Zivame