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9 Magical Holiday Getaways For You and Your Girl Gang

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If the last time you had a heart-to-heart 4-way call with your girlies was months ago, you need a break *together*! We’ve got a list of destinations ready – so all you’ve got to do is get packin’! Here are 9 holiday getaways that you’ll enjoy best only with your girls!

1. ‘Chill’ out at Manali
Looking for a thrilling adventure to pull you all out of your daily routine and get that adrenaline pumping? Head over to Manali! From skiing down white hills to cable rides between snow-covered mountain peaks, who better to get risky with than your favourite girls!

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2. Keep calm & spa on at Phuket
Phuket is the ultimate international holiday destination for you and your buddies, ‘cos ladies it’s all about luxury! Think rejuvenating mud baths, fruity facials and long hours of relaxation in the steam room. Not to mention, it’s great for thrifty shopping sprees. Yes, it’ll be a dream come true!

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3. Get a taste of France in Pondicherry
Does your girl gang fancy all things French? Pondicherry is a little corner tucked away on the east coast that has a forever French quarter. With colonial architecture and fragrant French bakeries, it’s the one stop to explore with your girlies!

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4. Get tipsy in Nashik
Here’s the perfect way for you all to let your hair down and get pampered! Yes, ladies we’re talking about Wine-tasting in Nashik. Stay in beautiful vineyards, enjoy the wine and get buzzed! We all need it once in a while!

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5. Live the surf, sand & sea life at Andaman
Nothing’s better than a week-long trip to Andaman & Nicobar Islands with your girls! Explore a different island every day – think pristine white sand, clear blue seas, palm-lined shores and cocktails by the beach! And, don’t forget there’s scuba diving, paragliding and more for those adventure-junkies in your squad!

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6. Get your coffee fix in Coorg
Book a cosy homestay amidst the green plantations of Coorg and catch up with your girls over hot coffee or maybe something more? *wink wink*

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7. Be Greek in Santorini
We’re sure you and your squad have been planning to go to the village of Santorini ever since you watched The Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants. Well, why not make it happen this summer! Enjoy the romantic charm and local cuisine of this beautiful Greek island and embrace the relaxed mood you’ll find yourself in!

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8. Go Pink in Jaipur
Nothing better than a group of girls to explore the vibrant culture of Jaipur! Known for its palatial architecture, it’s the perfect spot to immerse yourself deeper in history. What’s more, you can get busy exploring the street markets that sell beautiful jewellery – from vibrant bangles to kundan artistry.

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9. Live the ‘wildlife’ at Bandipur
Whether or not you’re an animal lover, this is one trip you need to make with your girl gang! From wildlife safaris and jungle treks to spending the night in a lonely candle-lit cabin in the middle of the woods – here’s your chance to narrate ghost stories, experiment with the ouija board and scream your lungs out! No one’s judging!

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Now that you’ve chosen where to go, why not choose what to pack! We’ve got the best vacation styles for you! From comfy travel pants to trendy tops, from knits to beach-ready dresses, it’s time to take your pick!


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