LifestyleA Weekend At Home with Zivame
A Weekend At Home With Zivame

We all love a weekend getaway or two, but sometimes you just want to stay home as you cool yourself down from the week that was. And who said you can’t have fun at home? Read on as we suggest fun ideas for your weekend at home – which are even better when spent with Zivame!   

Couch lounge, fearlessly 

Are you planning to spend all your weekend surfing through the newest TV shows on your couch? Are you excited to know if Rhaenyra Targaryen can usurp the Iron Throne, or how exactly can the closely-knit Bridgerton family find love? If so, why not slip into our boyshorts while you find out? Choose from our sets of low-rise, mid-rise, and high-rise boyshorts that offer full coverage, and ensure comfort as you couch lounge all day!

Slip into our Boyshorts!

Seize the day in luxe comfort

After the tiring and hectic week that was, all you need on a weekend is COMFORT – period. Be it indulging in that long-awaited self care routine, or listening to an audiobook while lounging, comfort should always come first. So say goodbye to anything that holds you back, and ease into our deluxe and comfortable shorts sets. Choose between any of our timeless solids, flattering patterns or funky prints, and seize the day!

Shorts Sets Weekend At Home
Seize the day with our Shorts Sets!

Weekend cardio? Wrestle your bro!

Do you want to go for that weekend cardio session but feel too tired and lazy to go to the gym? No worries, just turn your bed into the squared circle as you enter a wrestling match with your sibling! Don’t forget to put on our joggers made of polyester cotton elastane blended for stretch and shape retention, so you can float like a butterfly but sting like a bee!

Joggers Weekend At Home
Slip into our Joggers to float like a butterfly and sting like a bee!

Go for that AM jog or PM yoga 

Are you a fitness freak who CANNOT function without that morning jog? Are you just in the mood to take a nice little afternoon nap, but can’t sleep with a small yoga sesh? If so, why not do what you need to in one of our tank tops? Our tank tops provide you with all the support, durability, and comfort you deserve – to help the early bird in you break a sweat and get the worm, or get some much-needed eye-shut after a few asanas! 

Tank Tops
Go for that morning jog in one of our Tank Tops!

Strictly for casual evening plans 

Every once in a while if you’re feeling sombre or melancholic indoors, you can go out in the evening and get yourself some fresh air! Oh, and if you’re worrying about what to wear, don’t worry as we got you covered with the breeziest of bralettes that will have you feeling as light as a feather floating in the wind. Ease into one of our bralettes exclusively built to help you feel as free as ever, and breathe new energy into your lungs before you step back in!

Bralettes Weekend At Home
Ease into our Bralettes for a casual evening plan!

Dinner date or dance floor takeover 

Instead of going out for dinner or hitting the club to break a move or two, why not do it indoors with your loved ones? (and Zivame!) As you soak in the soft glow of the candlelight, or exult under some blinding disco lights, make sure you’re in your best shape! Put on our thigh shapers to look as gorgeous as ever, and impress your other half as you turn on the candlelight or the disco lights at home – whichever you prefer!

Thigh Shaper
Candlelight or disco lights: Do it all in our Thigh Shapers!

 From the valley of wildflowers

Wildflowers are pretty, colourful, and untamed – much like a weekend! Nature’s spontaneous bursts of colour and beauty, they have much in common with a weekend which also evokes a similar sense of freedom and diversity of moods. This is where Zivame’s nightdresses come in with the most flattering prints that help you channel the spirit of a wildflower when you go to that nearby coffee shop – representing liberation and natural beauty as only you can!  

Spending the weekend at home? Do it in one of our Nightdresses!

And there you have it, girls – all the fun ideas you need to spend the weekend at home with Zivame! So sit back and relax, and let these Zivame collections help you look and feel your best!

Sagarneel Chakraborty