FashionGRWM with new music and new ensembles ft. Rosaline!

Music is therapy, music is power, and music is peace. Whenever you’re having a bad day, all you have to do is put your headphones on and press play! So let’s celebrate World Music Day with the gift of music as you put on Rosaline-inspired fits that vibe with your favourite brand-new jams! Let’s drip out and GRWM, your Gen Z bestie!

Sabrina Carpenter – ‘Please Please Please’

Love Sabrina? Then you must have agreed when she said, “I know I have good judgement, I know I have good taste”! The perfectly pookie companion to step outside, the Rosaline shorts sets are tangy and tantalisingly fun! Whether you’re self-loving at a nail studio or well, self-preserving with college project discussions, these shorts and this (music) set go perfect with some floofy slippers, popcorn and music!

GRWM with rosaline shorts sets
GRWM with Rosaline Shorts Sets

Taylor Swift – ‘I Can Do It With A Broken Heart’

When Taylor Swift sang “I’m a real tough kid, I can handle my s–t“, you can’t blame us for thinking it was about the Rosaline T-shirt bras. A polyester-cotton blend offers strength and wrinkle resistance, making these beauties with brains. So put on a white shirt a la Kristen Stewart, pair it with linen shorts, mules and a handbag, and you’re ready to face your day and Shake It Off!

t-shirt bras
GRWM with Rosaline T-shirt Bras

Ariana Grande – ‘the boy is mine’

Ariana singing “My girls, they always come through in a sticky situation”, was enough to remind us of that one bb who is literally the definition of sunshine, spreading cheer and joy like a Christmas carol. Just like the Rosaline Bralette, which makes everything zestful, fun and really really pretty. Wear it with a shirt, trousers, heels and a sling bag, they can help you put any dressing dilemmas to bed!

GRWM with rosaline bralettes
GRWM with Rosaline Bralettes

SZA – ‘Snooze’

When SZA sings “I can’t lose when I’m with you”, it makes you wonder what else can you NEVER lose with? Well, there’s marshmallows, kittens, a good game of tennis, and, of course, the holy trinity of crop top-track pants-sneakers! Slip into some of the comfy and carefree Rosaline track pants, assemble your ensemble with a baguette bag – and you will always emerge a winner, no matter the setting!

track pants
GRWM with Rosaline Track Pants

Olivia Rodrigo – ‘bad idea right?’

Even though Olivia Rodrigo wondered whether meeting her ex was a bad idea (right?), putting on a Rosaline T-shirt bra is certainly not! Choosing this T-shirt bra means choosing all-day comfort and in turn, confidence. This means good ensembles and good days come guaranteed and unchecked! Pair your t-shirt bra with a sweater and match your sweater with a long skirt, slender boots, and a bracelet while listening to “vampire”, and you’re ready to slay!

T-shirt bras
GRWM with Rosaline T-shirt Bras

Doja Cat – ‘Agora Hills’

Doja Cat serenades her secret lover with “I wanna show you off” – and it sounds like something my bestie would say when I am wearing uggo clothes! If your bestie does this too, I’d recommend stocking up on some Rosaline loungewear. Whenever you’re feeling flashy, just slip into a Rosaline lounge top, baggy pants, a loose blazer and some gold jewellery – and you’re ready to turn eyeballs wherever you go!

GRWM with Rosaline loungewear
GRWM with Rosaline Loungewear

And that’s all the outfits you need to rock while going out on World Music Day! So GRWM with Rosaline, your Gen Z bestie, put your headphones on, and slip into the cutest and freshest Rosaline collections to celebrate the occasion!

Sagarneel Chakraborty