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Tank tops

One single tank top can be styled in umpteen different ways? Make it make sense! Tank tops are oh-so versatile and are just as dynamic as the seasons around us. That’s why they fit right into every wardrobe. No matter what your breast profile is, or the event you are dressing for, there’s a fashion edit in every outfit.

Tune in to check out our style digest – the different ways in which you can style a tank top, with all the right intimatewear of course!

1) Strapless bra 

Off-shoulder tank tops all the way! When you’re feeling happier than every happy song,  that calls for a chic and sophisticated off-shoulder tank top. Pair it with a strapless bra to feel uplifted and supported. Pro-tip: Since these outfits bare your shoulders, you may want to try a nude makeup look that highlights your collarbones (for those special days, you can experiment with your eye makeup)!

2) Seamless bandeau bra

Bandeaus – what earlier was a poolside statement, has now been promoted to an occasion look. Thank you, Dua Lipa! They may be ideal for under a sheer shirt, but they also make for an honest-to-god gorgeous statement. Scandalous Radar? Mild! However with the right accessories – while preferably being paired with high-waist flared jeans, these can turn into a cool, casual look. Shorts and skirts are an equally awesome alternative. Since showing skin is inevitable, you may want to style your hair and makeup to match the vibe.

3) Transparent back bra

If the iconic “It’s Backless!” dialogue rings in your head every time you think of dressing up, then a backless or low-back tank top is your go-to! Since they run low, you’ve got to bring out the transparent back bras that go invisible under the tank top. The look is light, and breezy and can be styled into an elegant outfit when the sun goes down. Our bet is that this one’s going to be perfect for those nights when you’re sipping on some mulled wine on a terrace under the stars!

4) Minimiser bra

Who said tank tops weren’t for curvy girls? Round up because tanks are for everybody! Some high-waisted shorts or skirts (or better yet, skorts) and a baggy shirt to go over –  makes for the perfect casual everyday look! Keep your accessories on the down low and experiment with your hairstyles and makeup, with jewellery on days you want to dress up.

5) Bralettes

Bralettes are perhaps the most versatile tank tops of the lot! They can be worn with, worn under, or worn as an outfit and we are here for it. Pair them up with a cropped jacket, some ripped jeans and sneakers and you’re ready for an uber-stylish and casual look. P.s. accessorise to turn up the glam!

6) Pretty back bras

Grab your sunnies and head out in style on days quenched in summery vibes. It’s the perfect time to sport your kitten heels with a backless top and steal some limelight. Bring out your backless tank tops and feel the wind in your hair!

Tank tops are for every season- it’s all about how you style them! You probably now have a gist of all the ways in which you can style a tank top. You’ve just got to remember to pair them with the right lingerie and accessories to match the occasions you’re dressing for.

Heidi Thomas

Heidi is here for all the “write reasons” If she’s not reading a book or drinking coffee, then she’s on the hunt for a good pun!

Heidi is here for all the “write reasons” If she’s not reading a book or drinking coffee, then she’s on the hunt for a good pun!