ListiclesYour Lingerie Horoscope: Unveiling Intimate Styles For Your Birth Sign
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Welcome, starry souls, to the enchanting world where astrology, star-laid horoscopes and fashion intertwine! Embark on a whimsical journey where your birth sign meets the perfect intimate style and sleepwear, which fits right into what your soul loves. We’ve curated a lineup that perfectly complements your one-of-a-kind personality traits. So, dive straight in!


Zivame Babydolls for Birth Sign - Aries

Unleash your inner fire with the intricately crafted, sensually designed babydolls in lace and satin. The flattering and flowy design of the babydoll features delicate fabric that will empower your fierce spirit and ignite your confidence like never before!


Zivame Floral Sleepwear Set for Birth Sign Taurus

Indulge in a peaceful escape with Zivame’s cosy floral sleepwear collection. The soft fabrics and blooming prints envelop you in a cocoon of comfort and serenity you always long for in your style making you feel at ease always!


Zivame Reversible Saree Shapewear

Embrace your exuberance and add a touch of spontaneity to your wardrobe with the Zivame Reversible Saree Shapewear. It’s perfect for whatever your last-minute mood dictates and when you want to amp up your look. Keep it playful, effortlessly!


Zivame Miracle Bra for Birth Sign Cancer

Cancerians radiate selflessness and nurturing nature, with hearts as big as their love for everyone around. Embrace the care you give with the Zivame Miracle Bra, your supportive sidekick that matches your loving spirit and uplifts you throughout the day without any discomfort.


Zivame Thongs for Birth Sign Leo

Ignite your passionate side and bring forward your confident and fierce self with Zivame’s stunning range of thongs. These bold and daring pieces fuel your feminine aura and make you feel like the true queen of your birth sign (with no visible panty lines, too!).


Zivame T-shirt bra for Birth Sign Virgo

Combine your practicality with style by opting for Zivame’s comfortable and reliable T-Shirt Bra. Its seamless design and perfect fit will relieve you logically while meeting your mental checklist. These are also available in non-padded and non-wired variations. The multiple colour options will leave you spoilt for choices, and add that touch of elegance you are known to have a flair for.


Zivame Bohemian Blooms Bra

Immerse yourself in a world of beauty and romance with Zivame’s Bohemian Blooms Range. These dreamy pieces will perfectly complement your enchanting personality and fuel your innate romantic self. 


Zivame Satin Nightwear for Scorpians

Unlock your inner enigma and dive into the delves of mystique with Zivame’s satin nightwear collection. These seductive pieces will ignite your sultry spirit and keep them guessing. Unleash the Scorpio charm!


Zivame Shaper Panties

Let your optimism shine through as you sculpt your confidence with these Zivame bodyshapers. These supportive and empowering pieces will enhance your natural beauty and boost your self-assurance as you conquer the world with bold strides.


Zivame Bodysuit for Birth Sign Sagittarius

Channel your ambition into a statement with Zivame’s bodysuits. These versatile pieces are perfect for the achiever in you, providing comfort and keeping all the bulges and bumps at bay, all day long.


Zivame Sports Bra

Let your energetic nature push you to conquer the world in Zivame’s active wear. With dynamic and high-performance features, these athletic pieces will accompany you on your journey to success with style, grace, and unhinged determination.


Zivame Mickey & Friends Collection

Let your charming and sensitive soul shine through Zivame’s Character Shop collection. Express your unique personality and embrace your whimsical side with these delightful and fun-loving pieces that are sure to take you on a nostalgic journey!

May the stars align, and your fashion choices inspire you to embrace your authentic self. Go ahead and infuse your wardrobe with the enchanting energy of your birth sign! Till then, happy cosmic shopping, dear birth sign fashionistas!

Tanya Agarwal

As a content enthusiast with a flair for writing, Tanya enjoys creating engaging content! She is a good listener and believes in lifelong learning through reading and travel. Her mantra is: ‘You attract what you think’.

As a content enthusiast with a flair for writing, Tanya enjoys creating engaging content! She is a good listener and believes in lifelong learning through reading and travel. Her mantra is: ‘You attract what you think’.