ListiclesIf F.R.I.E.N.D.S Characters Were Types Of Intimate Wear
friends intimate wear

If you grew up watching ’90s sitcoms, there’s one show which has blessed us with some of the funniest moments in TV history and that’s — F.R.I.E.N.D.S. Apart from establishing a cafe culture that’s still not died down, they also gave us some iconic fashion moments, items and goals of which are still trending in 2023. Ever thought of Friends characters being types of intimate wear?

friends tv show

Take a trip down FRIENDS  memory lane and relive the golden age when Monica stunned in a formal red gown at her brother’s wedding or when Rachel wore that mini skirt or a maxi skirt. Well, we guess BOTH! If you’re as excited and intrigued, get ready for a fun read ahead with your favourite characters as intimate wear, and no BREAKS, please!

Rachel as a Lace Bra

Lace bras - intimate wear

If you’re flirty and fashionable, and people love being around you, you’re likely a Lace Bra like Rachel. A character who really could make a paper bag look stunning, we’ve adored her in every episode!

Monica as a Bodysuit

Bodysuit shapewear

Remember that one perfectionist in every group who loves everything organized and clean? If that’s you or someone you know of, voila! It’s a match with a Bodysuit (and Monica too). 

Phoebe as a T-shirt Bra

T-shirt bras - intimate wear

Is comfort the deciding factor in the OOYD? Well, Phoebe wants to be your friend along with a wardrobe full of T-shirt Bras of course! If there’s someone with the natural pizzazz, flamboyance and confidence to experiment with different designs, colours and patterns, it’s her, and that’s something our dull life needs.

Janice as a Wired Bra

Wired bras - intimate wear

No matter whether you watched the show or not, Janice doubtlessly became synonymous for her loud, nasal laugh. And what’s better than Wired Bras that lift up your mood as high octave as her laugh goes!

Carol as Comfy PJs

Pjyamas sleepwear

Someone warm, comforting and caring at the same time? It’s Carol and our Pyjamas! Whilst putting up with Ross for such a LONG time, she took one for the team and thus deserves all of life’s cosies and comforts! She also gave us cutie Ben, but we digress. Well, bottomline is we all need someone like her (AND Zivame PJs) in our lives!

Ursula as a Strapless Bra

strapless bras - intimate wear

Love being adventurous, self-reliant, and ready to make a move? We would like you to be certified as a Strapless Bra as Ursula. Known for her confidence and charisma, feel the same with these Bras.

Ria Bothra