FashionBras for Different Breast Shapes

We are born unique and our differences make us special. Our personalities are different and so are our body shapes. Even twins have subtle or major differences (physical or character-wise) that help us tell them apart!

Speaking of twins, there is another ‘set of twins’ (wink) that’s different and unique. Yes, we are talking about breasts and their various shapes! When it comes to breasts, there is no one shape that fits all. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes- some are perfectly rounded, some are a bit lop-sided, some are asymmetrical and some pairs don’t see eye to eye.

Different breast shapes need different Bras that fit them well and make them look good. Here are some breast shapes and Bras that are best suited for them:

Teardrop shape: This is the most common breast shape among women. Shaped like a Teardrop, this breast shape has a narrow top and fuller bottom. To make it fuller at the top as well, try an Underwired Push-Up Bra which will give you overall roundness along with incredible support. You can also consider a Balconette/ Demi Cup Bra which will enhance the fullness of your breasts for a more desirable look.

Round shape: If you have round-shaped proportionate breasts, you are lucky! You don’t need any enhancing or minimising! You are perfect as you are. You can easily get away with Lace Bras with low coverage which give you enough support. In fact, you can wear any style Bra as you wish- padded, wired, Bralette, strapless– experiment to your heart’s content! Just ensure you are comfortable at all times.

Uneven shape: Your breasts may not be of the same size in this case. You need a Bra to bridge the size gap between the pair. You should opt for a Bra/ camisole with removable padding. This way you can control the size of your breasts easily. You can also use push-up cookies inside the Bra to balance your uneven breasts.

If you have a slight difference of size between your breasts then a Bra with light padding/double layers can help in this situation.  Just make sure you are fitted for the larger breast size. If you are curvy, we suggest you avoid a super padded T-shirt Bra as it will just end up enhancing the size of your larger breast.

Wide-set shape: If you have breasts that lean towards the outside of your chest leaving a gap in the middle- this is your breast shape. Your mission should be to bring them together for that perfect silhouette. You want your ‘twins’ to have a closer relationship! Slip into a comfy T-shirt Bra or a Push-Up Bra that pushes your breasts together to the centre and voila! Problem solved!

Close-set shape: This shape is the opposite of the wide-set breasts. If your breasts are set too close to each other there is a chance of them looking like a ‘uniboob’.  Solve this issue by wearing a Plunge Neck Bra to create separation and get that amazing cleavage.

Bell-shaped: If you are a curvy girl with full, well-rounded breasts and a bell-like curve at the bottom- this is your shape. You need a Full Coverage Bra for shaping and controlling spillage. If you are a petite version of a bell shape (small cup but long shaped breasts) try a wired and padded Plunge Neck Bra to bring your breasts to the centre and gently lift them to create an enviable cleavage which is difficult to achieve otherwise.

Girls, your individual breast shapes should always get special treatment! Take a closer look in the mirror to determine your breast shape then head to Zivame and bring home a Bra that suits you the best!

Team Zivame