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Bring Home Good Health with Akiva Superfoods

Good health is top priority for everyone. We all want strong immunity, good digestion, ideal weight, and glowing skin. But, it’s important to understand that achieving optimal health is a delicate balance of the right diet, exercise, good mental health, and something a bit more. Many of us don’t realise the role of high-quality supplements in maintaining our health. With the right mix of supplements, achieving a healthy equilibrium is easy and doable. Allow us to introduce you to Akiva Superfoods that deliver a daily dose of healthy nutrients to your body in the form of tasty health shots made with premium herbal ingredients.

So, what exactly are health shots? No, they are not powders, tablets, or even concentrated juices. Akiva Superfood health shots are innovative 40 ml herbal drinks that are power-packed with the goodness of health. These shots are tasty, fuss-free (no mixing), convenient to store and transport. Every shot is formulated with premium herbal ingredients sourced responsibly, and targets different needs of the body. 

There is something for everyone. Strong immunity, check. Weight loss, check. Glowing skin and hair, check. Full body detox, check! The best part is that all Akiva Superfood health shots are ready to drink, non-GMO, free of added sugars and banned substances, low in calories, and come recommended by dieticians and nutritionists.

Let us suppose your goal is to lose weight in a natural way. We suggest you make Akiva’s Green Tea Apple Cider Vinegar Fennel Shots a regular part of your diet. This ready to drink health shot has all the right ingredients packed with antioxidants and vital macronutrients to support fat-burning, increase metabolism, control hunger pangs, and keep your cardiovascular health in good shape. Just one shot a day can help you achieve your goal in a natural and responsible way.

If you plan to step out and enjoy this festive season to the fullest, introducing a health shot to keep your immunity strong is a good idea. Try Akiva’s Amla Ginger Mint Vitamin C Shots. This drink brings together herbs like Amla, ginger, and mint that are rich in antioxidants, boost immunity, and help prevent viral and bacterial ailments. They help clear toxins in your system, aid digestion, and are even good for eyesight and healthy hair. Just have this health shot every day on an empty stomach and you are good to go.

Those of us binging on festive food (read fried, sweet, utterly-butterly delicious) understand the need for a full-body detox. We have exactly what you need. Akiva’s Activated Charcoal Aloe Vera Shot for Detox & Cleanse, cleanses toxins and resets the body. It keeps your digestive processes smooth, cleanses your stomach & gut, relieves flatulence and bloating, improves bowel movements, provides nutrition to the entire digestive tract, and fights symptoms of inflammation. Just drink it before going to bed and enjoy a toxin-free, clean body every day!

Talking about indulgent food reminds us of how such a diet can wreak havoc on our skin. If you are dealing with skin issues like dullness, acne, and pimples, look no further. The answer to this problem is Aloe Vera Skin Health Shot. This drink is made of aloe vera and honey that have cleansing, healing, anti-bacterial, and anti-microbial properties. Just have one health shot pre-breakfast and enjoy rejuvenated, hydrated, nourished and glowing skin every day.

Ladies, the answer to your health concerns may be just a health shot away. Enjoy the best of your health every day with Akiva Superfood’s herbal health shots that are now available on Zivame. 

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