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Best Ways To Deal With Period Cramps!


The Oxford English Dictionary defines a period as the “length or portion of time, the interval of time between successive occurrences of the same state”. But for roughly half the population on earth, the word period is inextricably linked with menstruation and specifically the five days of torture that occur once a month. 

Fact: that half absolutely dreads it. And not least because of the accompanying gift of harassing pain across the abdomen. Seriously, sometimes it’s so bad one can’t even sleep! You’d think a decade of practice would help and you’d be alright. But no, oh no, you could not be more wrong. Nevertheless, we never stop trying, do we? Here are a few tricks I’ve figured out that somewhat help with the sleepless nights:

Sleeping in the Fetal Position:

It’s not a myth or a chance factor, it’s true. When you sleep in the fetal position, the strain in your skeletal muscles around the abdomen decreases and the muscles get relaxed. Which in turn means less pain and more beauty sleep!


Now, this is a technique that’s been tried and tested since eternity. And our forefathers, or should I say, foremothers, were absolutely ingenious when they came up with the few asanas that help relieve period pain. The most effective of them is Vajrasana or The Thunderbolt Pose. 

How To: Kneel on a mat with your knees together and sit back on your heels. Keep your spine and head upright and take relaxing, deep breaths. Do this for around 5 minutes before bedtime and there’ll be zero pain when you sleep. You can thank me later.


This basically works on the usual concept of massages, kneading out tensed muscles so they can unwind. You may even use pain relief oils and gently massage the abdominal region. This also helps you relax and makes it much easier to fall asleep.

There is no certified cure for menstrual cramps, but these will put you to ease at least until you doze off, hopefully all through the night!

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