Uncategorized#CurvyGirlConfessions- Dangerous Curves Ahead!

Women come in all beautiful sizes. My early tryst with fashion magazines taught me that some of us are the shape of fruits. FRUITS!? We are apples, and we are pears.  I figured we were the juiciest of the lot- so maybe that makes some sense! Basically, if you ever read you’re an apple or a pear or the blessed hourglass, you have got curves, baby! With my apple body curves, I navigated life a bit differently than my friends who were smaller and more conventional. Here’s what I learnt-

My confidence enters the room first”

As young girls experiencing puberty, we learn to walk with a hunched back, cause with your head held high you will probably enter a room bosom first! Now, though, armed with the perfect lingerie, I’m breaking the habit. My confidence enters the room first.

Tip: Try Zivame’s Minimiser Bra. Available in five pastel colours from sizes varying from 32 DD-42 C, this bra is designed to handle curves and is perfect for work. Wear your fitted formal shirts with full confidence and keep that chin up!

“Pretty, well fitted, lingerie is the stuff of dreams!”

Always dreaming about pretty bras but never fitting into one properly? Join the club, sister. The bras almost always seem too small. Spillage is real. So we give up & make sensible but boring choices with blacks, whites, and nudes. Also, if we ever find something sexy, we probably end up breaking the bank for it. Forget the perfect romance; cute, well fitted, lingerie is the stuff of dreams!

Tip: Explore Zivame’s curvy collection and the choices of colours, designs, fits and the size range will amaze you. From blessed bosoms to bubble butts- there is something for everyone! Try the True Curv No Sag Bra for the perfect fit. It gives you ample support and is available in a myriad of sizes ranging from 32DD – 42E. The design and colours deserve a special mention, too. The pretty lace front in bold magenta and lovely lavender will steal your heart! 

Also, add Zivame’s tummy tucking hipster panties to your collection. These panties smoothen the tummy region and give you the perfect shape. In addition, they remain fresh and comfortable even after a full workday. 

“Best friends with high impact sports bras”

Exercise can be such a pleasure, but add excessive jiggling and spillage to the mix, and it’s ruined for us curvies. So, I’ve learnt to make best friends with high impact sports bras- sometimes even layer well to cut the bounce. Because we may learn to ignore the stares, but physical pain is where we need to draw the line.

Tip: Zivame offers low, medium and high impact sports bras for active women. Pick any of these sports bras depending on your activity level. 

Experiencing trends from the sidelines 

That crop top and cute shorts you have been eyeing- probably not going to fit. Brands almost never pay attention to curvy girls, even when we exist in, dare I say, large numbers. Sadly, the fashion that does exist for us is akin to granny florals and gunny bags! Ugh! Where is the oomph? 

Tip: Athleisure is not just a look, it’s a mood! Comfortable, casual and bang on trend! Zivame offers some really chic activewear in all sizes! 

These Zelocity Easy Movement Shorts are my favourite. They are flowy, cute, easy to wear and show off my legs perfectly. Pair these shorts with a Medium-Impact Sports Bra – which works well as a crop top – and you’ve got yourself a fly athleisure look. 

“Step out with style no matter the occasion”

Smart, sexy, curvy women are so under-represented that we are always fading into the background. I’m not the heroine’s chubby maternal friend. I’m the heroine. We all know enough and more women who are bosses at home and in the boardroom. 

Tip: Step out with confidence and style no matter what the occasion. I love to stand out in a crowd with a red dress and killer heels. I pair it with a lacy Bodysuit available on Zivame, which takes care of all the lumps and bumps and enhances my shape so well!

The mandate is out ladies- live life large! Head to the Zivame website and stay stylish and sexy.

Team Zivame