5 Lingerie-Related Conversations Every Girl Has With Her BFF

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A lot of things are sacred between best friends. You told her about the first boy you liked and the first girl you didn’t. You “borrowed” from your mothers’ makeup cabinets together and gave each other makeovers that could only be described as perfect for Halloween. Only she gets all the confusing questions you have about clothes, work and, of course, lingerie.

Below are 5 lingerie-related conversations we’re sure you’ve had with your best friend – we sure have!

The Matching Sets Conversation
There comes a time in life when you’re ready to move on from random bras your mum picked out for you and panties that were just too conveniently plain. You want the sexy matching lace set or the cute polka dot set. Just something that will make you feel like the adult you’ve become. And the first person you go to with this new found enthusiasm is your BFF!

The Size Conversation
Now, even though the guy in the local lingerie store seemed to assume he knew exactly what size you were with just a glance, you’ve always felt something not quite right about your first few bras. You knew you couldn’t be alone in this and went to your trusty best friend to find out. And lo and behold, you were right! Either she told you that your size could be wrong or that you’d eventually get used to wearing a bra.

The Thong Conversation
You probably remember discovering to your own awe and surprise, the existence of thongs. And there was only one person you wanted to impart this knowledge to. The conversation that followed included whether it would be uncomfortable, whether either of you would ever try wearing one and what clothing called for wearing one.

“The One” Bra Conversation
Yes, you stock your wardrobe up with all kinds of different bras because they’re just so pretty. But you’ve also confided in your BFF that there’s only one bra style you’d rather wear every day. This bra is “The One” and is probably a super comfortable t-shirt bra that goes with all your everyday looks.

The Lingerie Washing Conversation
This stage probably comes in college when you realise that there is no longer a washing machine readily available and that you have no idea what proper lingerie care is. Too afraid to be called irresponsible by your mother, your best friend is only a phone call away – so you can both figure it out together!

Happy Friendship Week And Happy Shopping!

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