Feel It To Believe It! Zivame’s Super Soft Marshmallow Bra

What is the softest thing you’ve touched?


Baby blanket?


What if we told you that you could experience something softer than that?

Oh yes! Introducing  Zivame’s Super Soft Marshmallow Bra – it’s sooooooooo soft that you have to feel it to believe it!

So, sit back while we give you more reasons to fall in love with this collection (like we did!)

#1 As light as feathers

The cups are made of lightweight foam that is buttery-soft and takes the shape of your bust. With this bra, say hello to comfortable and smooth shaping and goodbye to bulky padding!

#2 As smooth as petals
The seamless cups provide an ultra-clean finish. So, there’s no way you can go wrong if you’re planning to wear it under your fitted outfits! 

#3 As soft as marshmallows

The brushed nylon fabric of the bra makes it unbelievably smooth and the special trimmings on the inside of the cup gives it a creamy feel. 

Just like the candy, we’ve created the Marshmallow bra is 3 pretty pastels colours – sugary peach, sweet pink and soft mint.

From our Designer’s Desk:

Being a lingerie designer for more than 10 years, I understand the importance of a super soft bra. Any clothing that sits so close to a woman’s skin should have the most gentle touch. Which is why we designed the Marshmallow Bra  – made with lightweight foam cups and creamy smooth fabrics, this bra is so buttery soft, you’ll have to feel it to believe it!” 

Lakshmi Murugesh, Head of Design

To experience The Super Soft Marshmallow Bra, come over to any of the 28 Zivame Studios across India.


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