WellnessGlobal Wellness Month: Things We Can Do For Better Mental Health

Your mental wellness is as important as your physical health if not more. Therefore, making sure that you’re in the best of it is paramount to your well-being. On Global Wellness Day, we asked the Zivame family about what they do to ensure better mental wellness – and here’s what they said! 

Mohitha maintains the right work-life balance

A proper work-life balance is key when it comes to improving your mental, as well as physical and emotional health. Mohitha seems to agree with this as she says: “For me, it is about balancing my work and personal life.” Though long working hours, responsibilities, and personal chores may affect your well-being, establishing a balance between them works wonders! 

Global Wellness Day

Prachi preaches practising mindfulness

Prachi makes sure that she is mindful of the present, and does not get too caught up in the past or carried away by the future. “One thing I do for better mental wellness is practise mindfulness in the present moment daily, which helps me reduce stress, and improve my focus and emotional well-being.” She adds: “I feel at times we are wrapped around the past or the future, and often forget to appreciate the present moment”. We wholeheartedly agree, Prachi!

Global Wellness Day

Kushi likes taking a quick break to start again

When faced with a day where she just can’t keep going, there’s nothing Kushi likes more than quick breaks. “Whenever I feel too stressed, I make sure to take a quick break. Taking a break helps me re-energise, revitalise, and recharge – so I’m fresh by the time I’m ready!” We are not lying when we say we could do with a quick break every now and then too!

Global Wellness Day

Suravi’s art keeps her happy

Being the creative soul that she is, Suravi falls back on art to keep her happy on a gloomy day. “In case I am feeling stressed with life, I listen to a song, watch a movie, or create some artwork that calms me down.” Relying on art to get out of a sticky spot is certainly something that we all do at some point of our lives!  

Global Wellness Day

Family time keeps Johan grounded 

Though Johan does love meeting his friends and playing cricket, it’s family time that he loves most when the going gets tough. “Balancing work, fun, and taking care of myself, I always make sure to spend plenty of time with my family.” Johan goes on to add: “This helps me stay grounded, especially when life gets tough.”

Global Wellness Day

And there you have it, girls – the different unique ways in which our Zivame community nurtures their mental health. This Global Wellness Day, prioritise your mental wellness over everything else. Remember, taking care of your mental health is the strongest act of love there can be!


Sagarneel Chakraborty