FashionShaping Denim Pants: Ways to Style the All-New Zivame Shapewear
Zivame Shaping Pants

Do you want to be in your best “shape”? Wanna flaunt all your outfits while concealing or smoothening your curves? Feel like it would be so cool if there was a way to combine shapewear with outerwear? If your answer was yes to all three questions, we know you will absolutely adore Zivame’s all-new Shaping Denim Pants! 

The all new Shaping Pants by Zivame, made of polyester cotton spandex, help shape bulges in the abdomen and rear area. With comfortable compression lasting anywhere from 8 to 12 hours, you can now carry your look, effortlessly for longer. They come in shades of black and blue, making them all the easier to style! And what’s more, the in-built compression helps you look up to 1 inch slimmer.

Read on to find out ways you can style the all-new Zivame Shaping Denim Pants, and achieve the perfectly contoured body you want!  

The Manicure look

Put on a petite bandeau top and pair it with our Zivame Shaping Pants to achieve a nonchalant at-the-manicure look. While some pearl and shell jewellery will enhance your outfit, you can complement it with a micro-bag and some platform-heeled sandals to look glam at the nail salon!

Black Shaping Pants
Black Shaping Denim Pants

The Easel & Paints look

Every curve is worth admiring, and when it comes to our Shaping Pants, they help you do just that and more! Pair our Shaping Pants with a loose shirt, a couple of necklaces, as well as a handbag, and some heeled mules – and you’re ready to look just as much of a piece of art as you deserve to!

The MacBook look

The corporate girlie in you deserves all the support she needs to help deal with the constant stress at work. So, as you’re sitting at work with your MacBook, make sure to wear our Shaping Pants, and pair it with a loose plunge neckline blazer. Make sure to add tall earrings, an envelope clutch, and some sneakers to your look, and you’re ready to take the world on!

Blue Shaping Pants

The Cappuccino Cup look

When dressing up is the last thing on your mind, slip into these shaper pants and hop into the hustle and bustle of your friendly neighbourhood café. Pair them with a loose sweater or jumper, accented by studs and a high top bun. Complete the look with a big tote bag and heeled sandals, and you’re ready to turn plenty heads while you sip that mocha frappé!

Shaping Pants

The Floral look

Flowers, the prettiest mood booster, make everything around it look fresh and spring-y. In case you’re having a gloomy day, you can always fall back on blooms to brighten it up! Pick a full-sleeve floral crop top, pair it with our Shaping Pants, and top off your floral look with golden chunky earrings, a baguette bag, and kitten heels.  

The Fiction Novel look

 Sometimes, there’s nobody we relate to more than that protagonist with the grey backstory from your favourite urban fiction novel. On those days, make sure to put on our Shaping Pants and pair them with a crop top and shirt to channel the part of the mysterious girl! Add hoops, a handbag, and some flats and be the main character wherever you go!

Blue Shaping Denim Pants

And there you have it, girls, all the sassy styles you can pull off when you’re wearing the all-new Zivame Shaping Denim Pants! Take your pick between black and blue from our denim Shapewear, and be the most confident version of yourself wherever you go! 

Sagarneel Chakraborty