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Finding the right one is never easy, right? No, we’re not talking about soulmates, we’re talking about bras! Wearing the right lingerie can be the key to perfecting your outfit! So, if you’re in need of a helping hand to figure out the one for you, we’re here to help!  Read on to find your breast profile, and we’ll tell you which type of bra is best suited to you!


If your breasts are naturally full all over, then this is your breast type. And you probably understand the problem of spillage better than anybody else! Because of the fullness of your bust at the top, most bra necklines will cut into your breast and cause over-the-bra bulge.

So, your gorgeous, well-rounded curves deserve lingerie that will enhance your form and high coverage bras are definitely your best friends!

We know, we know! “Only boring bras for your cup size,” – we get that it’s a common complaint! That’s why we have an entire collection crafted for you! Check out our TrueCurv Bras that put the fun in functional!


If your breasts are naturally full at the top and heavier at the bottom, your breast type can be classified as teardrop shaped. Sagging is a common issue for women with this bust profile and hence, you need the right bra to hug your breasts gently and provide firm support. Non-padded underwired bras are your best bet because opting for a padded bra might give you an awkward shape.

Don’t worry! Our designers have simplified it for you! Shop super support no-sag bras that are both pretty and practical.


It’s truly a blessing to have naturally full and firm breasts that’d look good in any type of bra. If this is your breast type, picking from all kinds of options will be your only problem. Underwired or wired, padded or non-padded, high coverage or low coverage – you’ll be spoilt for choice.

We’ve got 500+ styles and all you’ve gotta do is take your pick!


If your breasts are shallow at the top but they are also firm, then this is your breast profile. You probably need no enhancement because you have a great natural shape. But remember to stay away from full, high or three-fourth coverage cups as they’d cause gaping.

You should opt for bras with lower coverage and you can find them here!

Not sure of what your breast profile is? Out FitCode is the answer! Take it and we’ll tell you everything you need to know – from shape, to size, to style!

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