UncategorizedMade For Curvy – Introducing The Goddess Collection

When you think of lingerie for curvy, the first thing that comes to mind is something that looks oversized, dull and boring. Makes you wonder, when Indian women are known for their voluptuous figures, why are the lingerie options for curvy so unappealing?

‘Cos unfortunately between size and style, size usually wins; and the delicate and pretty styles aren’t always designed to battle spillage and back bulges.f

Or so you think!

We’re here to tell you that curvy needn’t compromise anymore. Forget about the boring old blacks and nudes and update your wardrobe with our newest Goddess collection, specially crafted for your sexy curves!

We give you the best of both worlds with a whole new range that brings together sensuous silhouettes and superior support. Think feminine lace, flirty prints and fabulous fits – all aimed to help you love every part of yourself!

What you’ll love about our Goddess Collection?

  • Every style is designed with side shaper panels to give you sexy support
  • The broad wings made with non-stretchable mesh help eliminate back bulges and give a smooth look
  • The wide cushioned straps ensure no-digging into shoulders and give a gentle lift
  • The beautiful designs made with embroidered lace, feminine florals and flirty polka dot prints will make you feel sexy from within
  • The high coverage cups prevent spillage while the non-stretch fabric reduces bounce

With this collection, we’ve elevated curvy lingerie, so you can embrace your inner Goddess every day!


Team Zivame