16 Zumba Songs For The Perfect 1-Hour Workout

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Best friend’s wedding coming up and want to lose some weight? Binged during your holiday and want to drop those added kilos? The struggle is real, we know. And when it comes to finding time for the gym, the hours just seem to whizz past!

But now, no more excuses! ‘Cos we’re playing the fitness instructor and have curated some amazing Zumba tracks for you! These 16 songs make for the perfect 1 hour workout that you can do at home! Get, set, begin!

#1 Start your Zumba routine with an upbeat warm-up song.

Zumba Warm-up on Sean Paul She Doesn't Mind Remix by Vijaya

39M views | 234118 likes

#2 Get your heart rate up & start feeling the beat!

Swappi - Bucket * Zumba Fitness by Ricardo Rodrigues

1M views | 4818 likes

#3 Now’s the time for a Soca rhythm so you sweat a little extra 😉

The Waiting on The Stage | Machel Montano | Zumba Dance The Waiting on The Stage | Vijaya Tupurani

156K views | 1435 likes

#4 Time for a club-favourite track to multiply your energy!

Bun up the dance|Dillon Francis, Skrillex|Zumba fitness|Padmavati Iyengar

114K views | 1432 likes

#5 Add a dash of Bollywood – It’s a MUST when you’re dancing!

Dhatin NaachBOLLYWOOD OBSESSION With ZES™ SUCHETA and Mumbai Instructors

114K views | 718 likes

#6 After the first few fast songs, opt for a slow rhythm.

Chantaje - Shakira ft. Maluma - Cia. Daniel Saboya (Coreografia)

6M views | 100089 likes

#7 Time for some fast-paced music again! Just shut up and dance (that’s what the song is called 😊)

Shut Up And Dance (Choreo&Lyrics) Maritza/Janettsy/Janice -Max Pizzolante & Beto Perez - Zumba Zin62

32M views | 133149 likes

#8 Get your heartbeat up with another peppy song!

Coreografia Ministry Of Road Z4

122K views | 830 likes

#9 Now, bounce around to a tribal beat!

Zumba - El Chevo Metela Sacala

15M views | 65327 likes

#10 Broken into a sweat yet? Now, break into a smile with this song! 

Daddy by PSY | Zumba® | Live Love Party | KPOP

8M views | 19805 likes

#11 Next, get your heart pumping to some Ricky Martin tunes!

Ricky Martin - La Mordidita (Official Choreography) ft. Yotuel - ZUMBA

2M views | 15726 likes

#12 Time for a song that plays with the pace so you get an excitingly intense workout!

Zumba Routine on Traketeo | Zumba Dance for Beginners | Choreographed by Vijaya Tupurani

2M views | 16343 likes

#13 Next, let’s give your lower body a workout!


461K views | 2107 likes

#14 Last few songs left – Time to pump up the beat!

Pam Pam - Grupo BIP (Zumba® routine by Canossa)

5M views | 24558 likes

#15 You should be sweating like crazy by now! It’s the last song, give it your best!

Zumba ® merengue choque

50K views | 350 likes

#16 The workout is finally done! Make sure you cool down and stretch out those tired muscles to a slow and soothing rhythm.

ZUMBA COOL DOWN - Ellie Goulding (Love Me Like You Do)

441K views | 1741 likes

Now that you’ve got the moves, time to get the Zumba look! Check out some fitness style inspiration here!

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