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Is it OK to not wear a bra?

Simple answer? Yes, it’s OK to not wear a bra. The choice is yours.

So then, why do we do it? The last thing we say should be that we felt obligated to wear bras; but the truth for most of us, is just that – the reason why we first started wearing bras was obligation…

– Because our mothers dragged off to the neighbourhood bra-panty shop, the minute they realised our frontal-development had crossed some invisible line into womanhood

– Because our breasts would ache when bouncing about on a bumpy auto-ride, or during P.T. class

– Because not wearing a bra is considered as a radical statement about morals, or upbringing…

Is it OK to not wear a bra?

Whatever the reasons, most of us feel duty-bound to wear them. When instead, wearing a bra should really be a personal choice about comfort and looking and feeling our best.

So, here are the right reasons to wear a bra, and when it’s OK to not wear one.

Wear A Bra Because:

– You like the shape and definition they give your body across a range of outfits

– After a certain age, the girls need all the help they can get fighting gravity and to keep from sagging

– The support of the right bra means no back pain or aching breasts after a day of heavy activity (sports, commuting around, or housework)

– Even if your top shifts, or neckline slips, your bra is at hand to prevent any wardrobe malfunctions

– Some of us have sensitive nipples, and a padded bra helps us avoid uncomfortable moments

– You enjoy the experience of planning a lingerie wardrobe, as much as you plan your collections of clothes and shoes

Is it OK to not wear a bra?

Don’t Bother With One:

– At night, because it’s comfortable to leave your chest free for those hours while you sleep. If you’re curvy and your breasts get in the way of sound sleep as you turn about, consider an at-home bra. These give your breasts support while sleeping, without constricting blood-flow or causing any discomfort.

– If you’re alone, or among people you’re comfortable with, and have a relaxed day ahead (again, at-home bras are a good option if you’re shy of skipping a bra altogether)

– If you feel like giving yourself a bra-holiday!

– If it’s winter, and you’re bundled under thick woollens in any case

So, you see ladies – the choice is yours entirely! Don’t let anyone else define your choices about lingerie.

Team Zivame