UncategorizedJumpsuits Or Playsuits – What’s Your Choice?

Jumpsuits Or Playsuits – What’s Your Choice?

A New & Trendy Take On ‘Suits’!

We know the weekend mood sets in early on Fridays! And we’re all looking for an excuse to take it easy! Why not let your wardrobe do the talking! Be it casual Friday workwear or Saturday night party attire, here’s the style staple you need! We’re talking about a whole new take on jumpsuits and the party-ready playsuits!

Wear To Work – Jumpsuits

A New & Trendy Take On ‘Suits’!

Jumpsuits have long been a summer style staple, we know! But now they’re here to make their way into our workwear wardrobes – for casual Fridays at the office! Simply team one up with a fitted blazer, slip into a pair of kitten heels and carry a tote bag filled with all your essentials! Now, all you need to do is slip off the blazer and add a statement necklace before you hit the town after-hours!

Made For Play – Playsuits

A New & Trendy Take On ‘Suits’!
There’s a new it-style in town and it’s perfect for your weekend partying – heard of rompers, aka playsuits? Effortlessly cool, casual ‘n chic, they are the perfect interpretation of summer fashion! If you’re tired of wearing the same old dresses and shorts– playsuits combine them both making it the perfect style for a lazy Sunday brunch!

What are you waiting for? Step into the weekend in style!



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