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Zivame Maternity Wear

‘Mother’ – the sheer mention of the word evokes feelings of care, support, and nurture. That being said, why should Maternity Wear not do the same – especially for the mother?

From growing life inside them for months, birthing the infant, to nurturing the newly-born through the early stages of life – everything begins with ma. From laying the foundation for their children and supporting them from their first cries to their first day of school – from their first heartbreak all the way to their wedding day, mums are incredible!

Motherhood, one of the best stages of a woman’s life, is also a challenging one. They say it takes a village to raise a child, and they’re not wrong; motherhood is nowhere near an easy task. Which is why it is so important to enrich a new mum’s life with gentle comfort, unconditional support and of course bountiful love and gifts!

So if you’re expecting, or are a new mom looking for comfort in the form of Maternity Wear, you are at the right place! After all, it’s only fair that the caring, supportive, and nurturing mother in you gets the support you deserve!

Non-wired Padded Maternity Bras

Are you looking for help in your quest to nurture your beloved baby just as you want, without any restraint? If yes, then our Non-wired Padded Maternity Bras are just what you need! These soft, padded bras provide firm support, help new moms solve their nipple concealment concerns, and can also be unclasped from the top for feeding purposes.

Non-wired Padded Maternity Bras
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Double-layered Maternity Bras

The new mom in you deserves the best of support, and that is exactly the kind of Maternity Wear we at Zivame provide with our carefully crafted Double-layered Maternity Bras! These bras are made with double-layered cups that are made of stretchable fabrics which help in accommodating the growing bust. The best part about this bra is that the top layer of the cup can be unclasped for feeding, and that it can be worn under any type of outfit.

Double-Layered Maternity Bras
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Cosy Cotton Nightdresses

Pregnancy can be uncomfortable if you don’t have the right Maternity Wear to keep you cosy. With Zivame, forget pregnancy pangs – instead, give into your cravings, sit back in bed, and enjoy your favourite snack as you slip into our cosy Cotton Nightdresses! The side-open design offers easy access, making night time a breeze for new moms. A blend of heritage and modernity, these floral nightdresses ensure the sweetest of dreams for you.

Cotton Nightdresses
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Cotton Knit Pyjama Sets 

There’s nothing cuter than slipping into a Disneycore Pyjama set, especially when you’re hosting your loved one(s) inside you. With our relaxed-fit Cotton Knit Pyjama Sets that feature an innovative pull-aside design that allows easy access for mothers who have newly delivered, avail an unprecedented level of Maternity Wear! 

Cotton Knit Pyjama Sets
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Top-tier Cotton Tops

Maternity Wear that doesn’t hold you back during pregnancy regardless of what you’re doing is a must-have for any woman. This is where our Cotton Tops come in, to help you live your pregnancy to the fullest no matter what you’re up to – be it a dinner date with the husband, a date with other mums-to-be, or simply a movie night with yourself. These tops are lightweight, ideal for summers, and feature hues as calming as you’ll feel wearing them!  

Cotton Maternity Tops
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Lavish Loungewear

If compromising on style during pregnancy is not your thing, don’t worry! We have the right thing for you – regardless of whether you like your florals or pastels. With our comfortable and fashionable Maternity Wear – be it tops, bottoms, or loungewear sets that come in different hues and shades, the new mom in you can expect to don the best styles while you’re expecting!  

Maternity Loungewear
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Motherhood is a beautiful feeling, and we at Zivame want you to experience it to the fullest! Therefore, this Mother’s Day, reward the multitasking mom in you with Zivame’s magical Maternity Wear collection. Because if mothers are caring, supportive and nurturing, why shouldn’t their intimate wear be the same?


Sagarneel Chakraborty