FashionNew Age Fashion: Intimate Styles from Home to Street
Zivame Summer Styles

Summer is here, and we know you agree when we say that your style needs to be just as sizzling as the weather outside! So donate last year’s outfits, and welcome the newest intimate Summer Styles from street fashion to home fashion!

Non-wired and Padded Bras x Crop Top & Ripped Jeans

Nothing is sexier than simplicity, and our Non-wired and Padded Bras make you look effortlessly chic when paired with a crop top and ripped jeans. Our Non-wired Padded Bras designed with no wire for ultimate comfort, and padded to provide shape and nipple concealment make sure that you are at your minimalistic best. To quote Coco Chanel, “Simplicity is the keynote of all true elegance” – and that is exactly what this look stands for.

Non-wired Padded Bras Summer Styles
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Slip-on Bra x Open Oversized Shirt & Shorts

Comfort often comes first on a hot summer day, and that’s exactly what we’re looking to provide with this outfit. Our Slip-on Bras come with two layers for better support and nipple concealment, and provide you with the girl-next-door look that you’re looking for. Pair our Slip-on Bras with an open oversized shirt and shorts as one of your Summer Styles, and be fresh and fashionable at the same time.

Slip-On Bra
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No Visible Panty Line Briefs x Top & Trousers

What’s the one thing that can ruin any of your Summer Styles? You guessed it right, it’s a visible panty line! These contours can make you contemplate going out and cut corners when it comes to choosing your outfits – but no need to worry anymore! Put on our No Visible Panty Line panties, pair them with a top and trousers, and forget about visible panty lines this summer!

No Visible Panty Line Panties

Bodysuit x Bodycon dress

Want to make sure that you’re in your best shape this summer? Look no further than our shapewear! Coming in sets of Smooth Series, Shape Series, and Firm Series – our low (12-hour), medium (9-hour), and high compression (3-4 hour) thinvisible Bodysuits to ensure you flaunt your beautiful curves just as you deserve to. Pair the bodysuit with a bodycon dress, and you’re ready to set your world ablaze this summer!

Bodysuit Summer Styles

Low Impact Sports Bra x Crop jacket and Leggings

Do you like to keep the active woman in you alive despite the relentless summer heat? If so, we have you covered! With our Low Impact Sports Bras designed for low intensity activities such as walking and yoga, you are ready to be just as active as you like to be – even on a hot summer day. Pair the Low Impact Sports Bra with a crop jacket and leggings, and get the athletic chic look you want!

Low Impact Sports Bra
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Satin Sleep Dresses

Summer nights are short, but can often be uncomfortable without the right sleepwear. This is where Zivame comes in with our soft and smooth Satin Sleepwear, to make sure that you keep cool on a hot summer night. So if you’re having trouble dozing off, put on an ultra-chic, classy, and easy-fit Satin Sleep Dress as one of your Summer Styles for the night – and earn yourself a night of luxurious sleep!  

Satin Sleep Dress Summer Styles
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And there they are: some of the best intimate Summer Styles you must be aware of, if you wish to conquer the searing summer and grab eyeballs at the same time. Because who doesn’t want to beat the heat AND turn up the heat?


Sagarneel Chakraborty