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Bodysuits made their first impression on the fashion world years ago. Styled as swimming costumes, they stay seamlessly tucked into your jeans, skirt, or lower to prevent the chaos of adjusting your top every time. The purpose of a bodysuit doesn't end only at streamlining; it provides optimum stretch and support to contour your silhouette and offers an attractive look to your body. Bodysuits for women can be compared to a body shaper as they are body-hugging, have a flattering fit, and cover the tummy while being soft and comfy. Furthermore, womens full bodysuits come in various designs and styles, such as high or plunging necklines with the length going up to the hips or thighs to provide full coverage with a toned look.Check this post to find the best bodysuit online! less

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What is a bodysuit?

Women's shapewear bodysuit is a stylish yet comfortable clothing attire that looks somewhat like a swimsuit. Its design covers your torso while extending up to the hips or below. Plus, it features a hook and eye closure for easy wear and removal.

Purpose of a bodysuit?

The idea behind bodysuits for women is to keep the top tucked-in without worrying about becoming untucked or coming out of your jeans, skirt, or lower. Moreover, it offers a seamless look while controlling your tummy bulge. A bodysuit also enhances curves and offers compression-like support, similar to what you get from shapewear for your tummy.

Pros and cons of a bodysuit

Today, bodysuits are a fashion statement, but all things have pros and cons—some pros and cons of wearing a bodysuit.

  • Tucked in
  • The prime purpose of a bodysuit is to prevent untucking. Women’s shapewear bodysuit offer a streamlined shape to your tummy to avoid the hassle of adjusting your top every time.
  • Seamless
  • Bodysuits come with a hook and eye closure at the bottom, which keeps them in place to prevent shifting. They're snug, sleek, and offer a seamless fit when tucked into your jeans or lowers.
  • Coverage
  • Bodysuits are skin-fitted and make a great choice to wear as an undershirt with a sheer top. It works as a slip and stays in place to keep you comfortable.
  • Shape
  • Bodysuits work as shapewear for tummy. They enhance the curves and flattens the tummy while being stretchy. Moreover, they look super stylish and let you move your body freely without feeling restricted.
  • Stays easy
  • You must be aware of the hassle of wearing and removing a jumpsuit or romper. In contrast, a bodysuit is easy to wear and remove due to its convenient hook and eye closure.
  • Style
  • When it comes to style, bodysuits are breaking all records. They look sexy, attractive and come in various fashionable options, including off-shoulder design, black lace bodysuit, plunging neck, halter neck, backless, strapless, and so on.
  • Length
  • Bodysuits usually come in a stretchable material, but keep length in mind if you plan to buy a non-stretchable bodysuit. Some people have a long torso while others short; therefore, the fitting can go wrong. So always make it a point to opt only for the perfectly fitting bodysuit.
  • Closure
  • Bodysuits have hook-and-eye closure at the bottom, just like baby rompers. Therefore, make sure that the closure doesn't make things uncomfortable when you wear the bodysuit.
  • The cut
  • Bodysuits come with a high thigh cut. Therefore, if you wear them with your low-rise jeans, there are chances that you might end up showing your hip. So, be careful of what you are buying and how deep or low the thigh cut is.

    How to Choose the Right Ladies Bodysuit?

    Now that you know what bodysuits have to offer, it is time to look at the factors that will help you find the best bodysuit.

  • Length
  • The first thing you want to check is the length of the bodysuit based on your torso. A bodysuit should have enough fabric to let you freely move and sit around. To check, do a few squats, and if the piece stays in place without rolling up or becoming baggy, it's the right fit for your body.
  • Overall size
  • Bodysuits are made from stretchable fabric, which might seem to fit well on everybody, but it's not always applicable. Therefore, always consider a perfect and comfortable overall fit. You can also refer to the size chart and user reviews to get a clear idea of the fabric and fitting.
  • Setting
  • Before buying any bodysuit, decide where you want to wear it, whether it's for casual functions or formal meetings. Therefore, it is necessary to make a clear choice. Besides, considering the weather is also essential. If you are staying in a hot and humid place, look for temperature control and soft fabric.
    Buy Bodysuits for Women Online on Zivame

    If you are not sure where to buy a bodysuit, check the great options available on Zivame. At Zivame, you can browse through the impressive collection of bodysuits in all types of styles and materials. Plus, they offer great deals and discounts to make every purchase worthy.


    A bodysuit is like a one-piece that fits rightly on your body to provide a seamless and appealing fit. A bodysuit can be cut-sleeved, full-sleeved, maxi, etc., extending up to hips and thighs. So, if you plan to buy a bodysuit, then look nowhere else and shop only from Zivame. Zivame also features an eye-catching collection of activewear, nightwear, sportswear, etc.

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