When it comes to wearing a body-fitting dress, the most popular fear that comes to every woman's mind is their bulging tummy and unwanted curves. Sometimes, you like a dress, but that dress is smaller than your size and this makes you feel bad about your body. But now it's your turn to set aside all fears and get into the sexy and bold-looking body-hugging dress with new confidence. Zivame offers you the bodysuits online at a very reasonable and affordable price. These bodysuits tuck your stomach inside and endow you with proper curves. Apart from acting as a tummy tucker for women , they are seamless with the hook-and-eye closure at the bottom to prevent them from shifting. The bodysuits at Zivame are available in various styles and designs such as off-shoulder, black bodysuits, lace, plunging neck, halter neck, backless, strapless, and so on. Thus, when you come to our site to shop online for a beautiful, sexy-looking, and attractive bodysuit for yourself, you will get a wide range and varieties. These suits have great comfort and will not make you feel at ease. Dermawear Slimmer Short Length Bodysuit with Underbust- Black, C9 Seamless Tummy Belt – Nude, Swee Seamless All Day No Leg Bodysuit Underbust – Black, etc. are names of our best body slimmer and shapewear available online just for you. So, don't think too much and buy a bodysuit to get into the dress, which is waiting a long time for you to get into it. less

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Shop Bodysuits For Women Online

Do you often refrain from purchasing stunning form-fitted apparel in fear of those peeping bulges underneath your clothes? Well, darlings it's now time to unleash your inner fashionista by wearing body-hugging apparel that will take your world by storm. Enter the realm of bodysuits, the unsung heroes of style and sass. These sleek, form-fitting garments are the embodiment of confidence allowing you to conquer any runway, whether it's a corporate meeting, a bustling city street or a chic evening event. A bodysuit is more than just clothing; it is a statement. With its body-hugging fit, bodysuit shapewear amicably creates an hourglass figure by hiding your imperfections, thereby empowering you to express yourself like never before! Hence, Zivame brings forth its myriad collections of bodysuits for women ranging from elegant and sophisticated to edgy and daring. With its seamless finish, breathable fabric, and tummy-tucking feature, shapewear gives you enough confidence to carry any attire with grace and poise? Whether you're a trendsetter, a classic fashionista, or a daring risk-taker, you can find a sexy bodysuit matching your preferences at Zivame. So are you ready to make heads turn, feel fabulous and strut your stuff? Then step into a bodysuit and embrace your inner style. These versatile wonders aren’t just body shapers, they are a bold choice, a sassy twist, and a game-changer in the world of fashion!

What Is a Bodysuit?

A bodysuit shapewear is a one-piece garment that has become a game changer in the fashion realm. It covers the torso and typically extends to the crotch and some to your thighs, featuring a combination of a top and underwear. It offers a sleek, form-fitting appearance by accentuating your curves and toning your back, rear, and thighs.

Purpose of a Bodysuit

The primary purpose of a bodysuit for women is to offer a polished and seamless appearance. Worn underneath your apparel, a bodysuit shapewear offers optimum support and coverage while enhancing body shape, providing comfort, and infusing style versatility in your monotonous closet. A bodysuit also enhances curves and offers compression-like support, similar to what you get from shapewear for your tummy.

Types of Bodysuits for Women

Bodysuits have a buffet of style - they have got the classic, the lacey, the sheer, the cutout, and more! Whether you’re feeling classy or a bit saucy, there's a body shaper to match your sassy mood.

The Classics:

Perfect for pairing with jeans, skirts, or shorts, classic bodysuits are a must-have in your closet. Available in soft breathable fabric and solid colours, they are your reliable go-tos for everyday wear.

Lacey Lovelies:

Adding a touch of elegance and allure for your special nights, lace bodysuits can become your BFF. This sleeveless bodysuit has intricate lace detailing, perfect for your romantic mood.

Sheer Delights:

This sexy bodysuit aces in the art of seduction. Made of sheer fabric, it's indeed a popular choice for intimate moments.

Cutout Queens:

A cutout shapewear is your secret weapon to look drop-dead gorgeous. With its unique design, this sexy bodysuit adds a trendy and edgy flair to your look.

Thong Time:

Thong bodysuits offer a sleek and seamless appearance when you are planning to wear a tight-fitting outfit without the interference of those visible pesky panty lines.

Active All-Stars:

Activewear bodysuits are crafted from breathable cotton fabric with a blend of elastane for a snug fit. Some of these feature a full-bodysuit, making them perfect for skydiving, base jumping, and swimming. This bodysuit for women offers optimum support, coverage, and flexibility, and wicks off moisture, keeping you comfortable yet stylish.

Bridal Luxury:

With lace embellishments, intricate detailing and delicate fabrics, wearing a bridal bodysuit on your wedding night can ignite the flame of passion.

Print Party:

For featuring fun and quirky moments, you can choose printed bodysuits available in versatile patterns and designs.

Pros and Cons of a Bodysuit

In the world of fashion, a bodysuit is a hotcake, elevating your fashion game. Let's have a look at some of its pros and cons.


Tucked in

A bodysuit is designed with compression panels that tone down your belly fat, creating an illusion of a slimmer waistline and preventing the risk of untucking.


Bodysuits feature a practical hook and eye closure at the lower part, ensuring they stay in position. This creates a seamless and secure fit when neatly tucked into your jeans, trousers or form-fitted skirts.


Bodysuits, known for their snug-fit style serve as excellent undershirts beneath sheer tops, effectively doubling as a slip. This makes it both functional and comfortable.


Featuring a stretchy fabric, a bodysuit functions as tummy-shaping shapewear, accentuating curves and offering a tummy-flattening effect. Beyond their shaping prowess, they allow unhindered movement.

Stays easy

Eliminating the challenges of donning and doffing jumpsuits and rompers, bodysuits are a breeze to put on and take off, thanks to their user-friendly hook and eye closure that offers a convenient and hassle-free experience.


Bodysuits are fashion-forward apparel, designed to cater to diverse preferences and hence infuse style versatility like backless, plunging necklines, strapless variations, off-shoulders, and lace bodysuits.



Typically crafted from elastane-blend material for a snug fit, the length of the body shaper plays a pivotal role if you plan to buy a non-stretchable bodysuit. Ensuring a perfect fit is crucial, so it's wise to choose a bodysuit that complements your unique body shape to avoid any fitting issues.


While the hook-and-eye closure at the bottom of a bodysuit is deemed functional, the comfort of this closure is of utmost priority while you wear it.

The cut-

Bodysuits often feature a high-thigh cut style, which can lead to potential exposure when paired with low-rise jeans. Hence, pay attention to the depth of the thigh cut and its alignment with your outfit to prevent unintended hip exposure.

How to Choose the Right Ladies Bodysuit?


First, choose bodysuits whose length perfectly aligns with your torso. While hugging your curves, a body shaper must allow unrestricted movements without any rolling up or bagginess - indicating it’s the right fit.

Overall Size:

While bodysuits use stretchy fabric, the fit isn't universal. Hence, prioritising your comfort level, choose the one that complements your body shape. At Zivame, you can refer to our user reviews and size guide for insights on fabric and fit.


Although bodysuits are crafted from soft breathable fabric, it is best to choose the one that aligns with the climate - humid or cold, and the occasion - formal or casual. Prioritising weather-appropriate clothes renders utmost comfort and a streamlined appearance.

Some Bodysuit Shapewear Every Woman Should Own

While you can find a myriad of bodysuits, each of them tailored to enhance your look, here are a few types of bodysuits that you must have in your closet.

Thigh or Long Leg Shapewear bodysuit-A thigh or long leg shaper tones down your thigh fat besides sculpting your hips and waist, and flattening your abdomen. This body shaper is extremely beneficial for body-hugging clothes.

Open-Bust or high-waist Bodysuit Shaper-A high-waisted bodysuit is a wardrobe essential. This open-bust body shaper features adjustable shoulder straps and provides a contoured bust look while concealing excess fat. At Zivame, explore a diverse selection of open-bust bodysuits, including lace shapewear options.

Tummy Tucker Bodysuit - Tummy tuckers are designed to create a slim and toned waistline by concealing your love handles and excess abdominal fat. These undergarments extend up to the abdomen, ensuring a sleek and polished appearance.

What Are Body Shapers for Women Made of and How Do They Work?

Bodysuits are crafted from stretchable, breathable, and durable materials, predominantly lycra, ensuring all-day comfort. This soft, skin-friendly fabric allows ease of movement. By concealing excess flab around the back, thighs, and waist, bodysuits create a seamless silhouette. Furthermore, their snug-fit design offers both comfort and a polished look, making them an ideal choice for extended wear.

Shop From a Wide Range of Bodysuits Online

Wanna shop bodysuits online? Zivame is your go-to destination for a diverse selection of high-quality bodysuits. With an array of styles, designs, and fabrics, our bodysuits ensure comfort and control, concealing your bulges and accentuating a toned, slim appearance. However, it's important to pick your apt size to attain the desired level of comfort, style, and convenience.


A bodysuit is a one-piece garment that hugs your body at the right spot, providing an alluring and seamless appearance. With its snug fit and style versatility, bodysuits are designed to shape your back, abdomen, side handles, hips, and thighs. So, if you plan on purchasing bodysuits online, Zivame is your saviour! It showcases a captivating collection of bodysuits, catering to individual preferences.


1. How do you choose a plus-size bodysuit?

When choosing a plus-size bodysuit for women, pay close attention to the size guide for a comfortable fit. Opt for ones with stretchable and breathable fabrics with adjustable straps and closures to enhance your body shape and provide ample bust and hip support.

2. How tight are bodysuits supposed to be?

Your bodysuit must have a snug fit but not overly tight. It should strike a balance between a close fit and comfort for your body type, and create a sleek and smooth silhouette while allowing ease of movement.

3. How to wear a bodysuit?

For a zipper bodysuit, start by opening the closure and slide your body shaper from top to bottom and zip it up. As for a pullover, start by sliding your thigh first and then pull up to cover your abdomen and shoulder.

4. How do I choose a bodysuit?

The selection of a perfect body shaper depends on factors such as body shape, occasion and personal style. It's best to focus on the right size, fabric comfort, style versatility and appropriate length.

5. Should I size up or down for bodysuits?

Sizing down while purchasing a body shaper can cause discomfort, and ugly bulges, thus ruining your overall appearance. It's best to opt for your regular size that will highlight your curves, hide imperfections and create a sleek silhouette.

6. Do you wear a bra with a bodysuit?

The decision to pair a bra with a body shaper largely depends on its design, support level and comfortable fit. While some bodysuits have built-in bras, for others you should wear a bra for optimum bust support.

7. How can I know if my bodysuit is too tight?

An ill-fitted bodysuit will cause restricted movements and difficulty in breathing. Additionally, visible lines, fabric straining, or bulges on your skin indicate it's time to consider a different size or style.

8.What is the purpose of a bodysuit?

The purpose of a bodysuit is to provide a seamless and streamlined look with its compression panels that tone down your bulges at the back, torso, abdomen, hip, and thighs. Some wear bodysuits to attain additional support while others want to create a fashion expression. A bodysuit is thus a blend of versatility, comfort and style.

9. Can I wear a bodysuit to work?

In formal workplaces, it's essential to check if bodysuits comply with the dress code. However, in a casual work environment, a stylish bodysuit paired with professional attire, like blazers and trousers can make you the showstopper.

10. Do bodysuit shapewear hide belly fat?

A bodysuit shapewear can provide some degree of tummy control due to its snug fit, but its ability to hide belly fat depends on the style and fabric. At Zivame, some bodysuits are designed with built-in shaping or compression features for creating a smoother silhouette.

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