UncategorizedSaree Shapewear Vs. Traditional Petticoat

Sarees have been modernized for the trendy Indian woman. They can be worn in place of cocktail gowns, slipped on like a dress, and are even available with pre-made pleats. Come to think of it, if Sarees have adapted to the evolving taste of modern Indian women, why leave the petticoat behind?  Luckily, we are with the times! Zivame’s new Saree Shapewear is everything you need in a new-age underskirt. Here’s how it is different from an old-school petticoat:

Unlike the old petticoat, the Saree Shapewear is seamless, pleat-free, and sans strings. This figure-hugging underskirt is smooth and gives you that desirable hourglass shape. Remember how the petticoat strings bunch-up at your tummy and ruin your shape? There is no question of that happening with the Saree Shapewear as it is designed with a thick waistband instead of strings. This waistband keeps your tummy area looking smooth, holds your Saree in place for long hours, and ensures you remain chafe-free and comfortable all day long!

You know how the petticoat is just an underskirt, right? The Saree Shapewear is a step ahead, it is Shapewear as well! You can now go down a few inches with the Saree Shapewear within minutes. Choose from medium or high-compression Saree Shapewear if you are after a slimmer silhouette. This underskirt tucks in your tummy, fixes love handles, perks up your rear, and tightens your thighs all in one go! Now that’s not like any regular petticoat, is it?

Many women avoid wearing Sarees because petticoats are a pain to wear and move around in. The Saree Shapewear fixes all that. It is super comfortable to wear (made from the softest fabric) and its side slit/flared design makes it easy to move around in.  If you are a creature of comfort, try the low-compression Saree Shapewear that can be worn all day long without any hassles.

What’s more? With Saree Shapewear you will never have to run to the tailor to get the perfect fit. Curvy or small, the Saree Shapewear fits all sizes between XS- 2XL. In addition, the Saree Shapewear can be worn under a variety of outfits like gowns, long dresses, Ghagharas, Lehengas, and of course Sarees.

Ladies, the Saree Shapewear clearly trumps the plain old petticoat. Level up to the new-age underskirt with the Saree Shapewear and enjoy your Saree wearing experience like never before! Head to Zivame and bring home your Saree Shapewear today.

Team Zivame