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Sports Bras have helped women of all sizes embrace an active lifestyle without hiccups. If you ask us, running or Zumba without our trusty Sports Bra is a big no-no. In fact, we often wear them at home or on a casual day out (athleisure, anyone?)

Sure, we have heard of some women working out in their normal everyday bra. It’s either because they don’t know about the benefits of a Sports Bra or they never found the right one. 

We suggest, you take a few minutes off to find the right bra size (try our Fit Code Quiz), determine the activity you want to participate in, and you’re all set!

If you are still on the fence about whether or not to get one, here are a few benefits of Sports Bras that you should know about:

Avoid pain and discomfort:

Did you know that you run the risk of a breast ligament tear during a vigorous activity? It’s true! It can cause pain, discomfort, and discourage you from staying active. A good Sports Bra protects your breast wall and keeps your breasts firmly in one place during a workout. This way, you avoid discomfort and can continue your active lifestyle.

On the other hand, a normal bra would completely fail as they are not designed to handle movement during a workout. The straps are not sturdy enough to keep your breasts in place either. Now that’s a risk you should not take!

Keep embarrassment at bay:

Are you ditching sports because excessive bouncing in a traditional bra is embarrassing you? Girl, you just need a good Sports Bra! Stares can be awkward during the workout but the right Sports Bra will save you by cutting the bounce effectively. A Sports Bra would be perfect for activities like running, Zumba, playing sports, CrossFit etc. You could also take it easy with a low-intensity Sports bra during a walk or during yoga. 


Never out of shape:

Sports Bras are made of materials like polyamide, polyester, and cotton spandex that help retain shape, aid in stretch and recovery, are lightweight & durable, and keep you sweat-free. They are designed especially to endure a workout session like a champ. 

On the other hand, a traditional bra would leave you with nasty sweat patches and wear-out too fast. 


Trendy & fashionable:

Heard of Athleisure? Of course, you must have! Sports Bras are so comfortable that women have adopted them as everyday casual wear. Pair them with your favourite leggings and sneakers and you are ready to rock streetwear in minutes. You can also wear Sports Bras at home and to run everyday errands. They’re trendy and comfy- who would say no to that!

Next time you step out for a run without a Sports Bra, think again! You could be doing more harm than good. There is a huge collection of Sports Bras on Zivame, log in and choose the one made for you today!


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