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shapewear types

Let’s be honest, the definition of a perfect figure is no longer tied to hourglass figures and flat stomachs. The beauty of the ‘you do you’ mentality is we’re all free and flawsome to wear what grips our mind. Shapewear is all about boosting exactly that! Like the best red lipstick in your arsenal, shapewear is a boon when you’re looking for a slight nip and tuck. Lending you a smooth, enviable silhouette, it makes you look leaner, more polished, and better put together.

Shapewear accentuates your natural curves and holds in excess in the most flattering way possible. Be it under party dresses, office wear or festive fits; these contouring pieces are now a staple in women’s wardrobes. For all the whats and whys, here’s your complete guide! 

The What

Different shapewear targets different parts of your body to serve different purposes. How would you know which is the one you require? We’ve jotted down all available shapewear types and what they can do for you. Take your pick!

Tummy Tuckers are a brilliant upgrade to your everyday underwear! These are high-waisted panties that keep your lower belly in check and offer full rear coverage!

Shaping Briefs go a step further. The most trusted shapewear, these pieces target the tummy area, retain your natural curves, and cinche in the excess. Expect your derriere to resemble the peach emoji with this one!

Thigh Shapers are high-waisted shorts that run the length of your thigh. This piece is great for hiding extra bulges on your thighs, waist, hips AND rear! Talk about a multi-tasker!

Saree Shapewear is for the perfect sensuous, mermaid-fit saree drape – there are no two ways about it! These seamless pieces smoothen out your hips, waist, thighs, and back, underneath a saree or even long skirts. Safe to say, it IS an integral part of a saree wardrobe no matter the size!

Bodysuits, as you might have figured (yes, pun intended), cover the entire body. It goes over your belly, hips, abdomen and waist and hugs you from all sides. What’s more, some of them come with an inbuilt bra, covering ALL stops!

Shaping Camis are to tone your upper body. They cover your bust and midriff, holding everything in place while you take on the world!


The When

Now that we know all of the shapewear types and the miracles they perform, it’s time to understand the occasions they fit into. The great news is all of these go amazingly well with just about anything you decide to wear.

Take your everyday office wear. Pencil skirts and fitted dresses? Pick up a pair of shaper briefs and even a shaping cami. Want to nail your power suit look? Put on a pair of thigh shapers underneath!

Similarly, for weddings and other traditional festivities where you want to enthral everyone in your desi look, saree shapewear is your best date.

At parties when you want to look snatched in a crop top and high-rise jeans, suit up in thigh shapewear or a tummy tucker first!

The choice ultimately is all yours. Just identify your needs and there’s shapewear waiting to meet them all!


The Why

Zivame shapewear not only helps you look and feel your best, but it also helps improve your posture. They hug you in just the right places and are always there to lift and steady you.

Let’s be real, most of us are guilty of putting gym sessions on the backburner. But sometimes you need a little toning underneath your perfect outfit. At times like this, count on Zivame shapewear to instantly deliver. They are seamless, and comfortable and boost your confidence like none other.

Not to forget, they are completely safe and comfortable to wear for long hours!

Shapewear types

Ananya Endow