FashionWhat Kind Of Beach Person Are You?

Every beach person has their own fun vibe! A beach vacation can embody different aesthetics for each of us. While some of you may love to sit back and relax under a sun umbrella, some of you may loves a dip in the depths of the ocean. 

Whether you like combing the beach in sultry swimwear or want to indulge in a natural suntan while laying on your towel, we’re here for the vibe!

1. Lather me up

Beach person

Slather up some sunscreen, put on your favourite swim dress, cover up with a kaftan and get that sun glow. Build sandcastles or play some beach volleyball and soak in vitamin D as you listen to your favourite music – maybe even on your boombox!

2. Let’s go to the beach, let’s get away!

Beach person

Are you the type of girl who loves to sip on mocktails and read your book? Hey there, lounge queen! Bring on that iconic beach look that’ll turn heads. Get flattering malliots and pair it with sunglasses that protect, flip-flops that keep the sand away, and a sunhat to finish the look. There’s nothing like making a statement while you read your novel. Go ahead fashionista, steal the show!

3. Deep dive

Beach person

This one’s for you water babies who love to immerse themselves in the ocean. Run a brush through your hair, grab your goggles, put on your bikini and it’s time to splash! There’s no better way to enjoy the sunshine than to embrace the wild salty air as the gentle breeze sways your hair.

A day at the beach can be super fun and relaxing no matter your mood. A simple walk along the shore, watching kids run around or just some time away from the bustling life. For every kind of beach person, Zivame has a swimwear style that’s made just for you!